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Time to create

August 5, 2012


“The stars once spoke to man, it is world destiny that they are silent now, but in their silence there grows and ripens what man speaks to the stars!” ~ Rudolf Steiner.


While I feel that the stars are at least still whispering, this quote from Rudolf Steiner catches the feeling of the full moon happening in Aquarius a few days ago. Now is the time to take the initiative and authority to not just break free of the old but actually create and bring in the new!


Leo/Aquarius reminds us that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for, and put another way, nobody else is coming along to do it! This is a good week to open up our minds (Aquarius) AND get those creative juices flowing (Moon moves into Pisces).

If you look around and listen to the news, what are you thinking? If you think this cannot be true, then search for movements which want to change the world. They are there in every country.


Here in Germany we have a movement to set up a new and legal republic with basic democracy. In Italy people are joining in a new party to prevent Berlusconi.


Bolivia managed to get rid of Coca Cola and McDonalds. There is movement everywhere. If you are opening you will find what you can support. Get active or as my mentor John Assaraf once said GOYA = Get off your ass!


Too many people are just moaning and groaning. We can only get different result if we thing, feel and act differently.

Start with your goals which need to be bigger than what you have now. Get out of your comfort zone and active. There is no other way!

From school onwards we are trained as slaves. Most people look for a “save” job, not realizing how many people lose their job every day.  Safety you can only have in yourself.


You get there if you realize your fears and worries. We all have them got when we were small. When you look at them and do into the feeling you feel the pain, but you can also find out that this fear has nothing to do with your current life. Mostly these fears are from our parents.


To create a new society we have to leave our fears and worries behind us. How to get rid of them you find in my book “Success Killer No 1 – Fear and Worries” on Amazon:



Life on the Fast Lane

June 17, 2012

Do you still want to continue a life with the handbrake remaining on the fast lane?  Do you want just to react instead of feeling yourself and your needs?
This way you cannot live any real relationship. You and your partner live side by side, you both go your way and emotionally you are separated from each other. You might only know the lives in the outside.
Most people even live their private life on the fast lane. It’s always about diverting attention from him and the crisis.  Do you know that? Party until you drop, extreme sports, travel, concerts, sporting events, etc. If you only live your life in the outside it brings you only deeper into your crisis.
As long as you are fighting your crisis and do not want to look at it, it can only get worse:  marriage and relationship crises, alcohol dependence, depression, burnout, cancer, stomach ulcers, etc.
If you dare to confront yourself with your feelings and injuries, this is like a rebirth with the appropriate labor pains. However, the result is just incredible. You will discover yourself and you can then live your relationships differently, because you have a relationship with yourself now! Who am I and what do I want? And why would I want to that? These are your most important questions.


And if you need support to look at them, find somebody who got experience with what you are going through!
So then the lonely life with the handbrake on the fast track at last ceases at last. To live a happy and successful life you need to stop to make your life and your happiness dependent on external things. Your fear of losing control is your brakes. Confront yourself with your fears! Because when you get to know your true needs, you also come down from the fast lane.

Discover the little child in you and its needs to live what was never allowed? What rules did your family have and everybody had to obey them? Every family has its history and its handling rules? Could you show your feelings, were they noticed or ignored? To look at it hurts. Go into the pain and let them go. It is dangerous to stay in pain, because then you go into depression.
It is not about blaming anyone. Your parents were able to give only what they have experienced or received from their parents. These rules are often in a family since generations. You now have the chance to break this vicious cycle. Get to know your needs and seize the opportunity of change. Try out what you is good for you and always take enough time for yourself only then you can relate to others in a more successful way. Connect to yourself! Stop to live a life on the outside, unless you know your inner life.
Realize what your crises are and then grow beyond. I support people in this process. Just dare to simply let the control go when you do not want to be the perfect slave for yourself and others.
I now invite you to discover yourself!

What are your seeds?

May 20, 2012

With the solar eclipse today it is most important to sow your seeds. The aura of the earth is broken by this eclipse. Now it is possible that the reseeding of us human beings can start as the energies from the deep space and they can enter in our sphere, our magnetic field and our cells. This new energy is like a catalyst and will bring big change. There will be a lot of new events and it is most necessary to go within.


Stay in the feeling of love and gratitude. Check my block on these topics. You urgently need to get out of fear and worries. How to get there tells you one of my e-books. Be still, stabilize yourself and get calm.


The topics right now are possession and your body. Possession includes even the bigger context like banks, government, churches and our own possession. Always remember that security lies in yourself and does never come from outside. Insurances will never give you the security you need in this time of change. Insurances have the funds in food and water which is simply unethical to bet on food and water.

If you cannot calm down your mind, you simply get sick: high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks, burnout, and depression and at last more often suicide!


It is suggested by the experts that the more people are open to raise their consciousnesses, which are willing to learn and grow, the more likely it is that mankind will survive. We also have so much support from the galaxy, visible support on our earth from the evidence of crop circles, children of the new age and crystal skulls that appear now.


As we can create our individual world, so we can collectively create our future and thus the change into the next dimension positive. To create peace, it needs only 8,000 people in the world who meditate and feel peace every minute.


Everyone has the responsibility for his/ her life, i.e. for his/ her thoughts, feelings and actions. However, we can do more together and not only for us but also for others. For we are helping to increase the positive energy and parallel  all our thoughts, feelings and actions are stored in the morphogenetic field and is accessible to all.


Be open for the expansion of your knowledge and your awareness. It’s just wonderful to see the interconnections which we really live in. You do not live your little, single, individual life; you’re connected to everything even to the far reaches of the galaxy.


Now, however, we still have time to change and have the chance to live our life more consciously. We can change together with the earth and there is no needing to be afraid. Venus, Sun, Mars and Jupiter are active. They help us to wake up, to raise our consciousness so that we realize and change our attitude towards our Mother Earth and perceive her as living being. She is going through a planetary incarnation, emotions, and a planetary development plan. This development plan is more complex than that of human beings. However, we have the chance of a lifetime to move forward in the history of humanity to raise our consciousness and to live from the heart. This means listening to your inner voice and in this way you will follow your heart.


The time we enter is very chaotic with the collapse of the financial and housing markets. Do not get dependent on these issues. Stay within yourself, get rid of fear and worries and listen to your inner voice. Your inner voice is connected to the morphogenetic field.


Sit on a rock, embrace a tree or work in the garden to connect yourself with Gaia. She needs your seeds to heal! Realize the new energy and the change within you. Only if you are in the center of the tornado you are safe. Your inner work connects you to the deep truth, which are your seeds.


The only way to get your core needs to be fulfilled, is to stabilize yourself! It is high time to chill out and get still in the chaotic world around you.


The winds of change are just around the corner. Be a part of it!


You get more information in my e-books “Success Killer No 1 – Fear and Worries” and “ 2012- Our reality of Change” on

Life as Your Teacher!

March 18, 2012

Let life be your teacher, because that is the only way you can spread your wings. If you can fly you will succeed in everything.
In this state we are only when we let go of our limiting attitudes and thought patterns. As long as our life is run by limiting thought patterns, we find ourselves in a hamster wheel.
As long as you’re afraid not to be enough and not to deserve, you limit yourself. To escape this trap, you have to learn to accept yourself unconditionally. It starts with the daily exercise,  look in the mirror and say aloud lovingly, “I love you with all my heart, I accept you as you are now and forever!”
The thought pattern “If I do not, then …” you ought to let go forever.
Use the Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin:
First Step
Imagine situations when you think “If I’m not doing that …” and go into the feeling. Only when you feel the limitation, then move on.
Second Step
Ask yourself: Can I release this limiting thought patterns?
Name it and ask the next question only, if you answered YES to this.
Third Step
Ask yourself: Do I want to let go of this limiting thought patterns?
When you get here is a resounding YES, move on
4th Step
Ask yourself: When can I let go of it?

If the answer is NOW, then take the thought pattern in your hand and now you have several options:
– Throw it away in a high arc,
– Pack it in a jar and seal it or burn it.
Do what is harmonious for you.
You can use this method for any feelings, injury or distress. It may be that you have to perform this exercise more often, as feelings, thoughts and fears work at various levels.
All these stories with “If …. then …” are based on
–  I’m not worth it.
–  No one likes me.
– No one loves me.
The Universe tests us, because we have to raise our consciousness. We have no choice. If you fight against it, then you go into illness.

The test is not to be overwhelmed by anything. What you have to do, do it always one step at a time. Put your chores on a list and what you have done, just cross it off. Celebrate each step you have done and be grateful for that. You made it!
Trust yourself and the Universe and slow down your pace. Do your breathing exercises, if you do feel the pressure. Never respond to the feeling of shame.
You are worth it, to experience everything that is happening around you. Remember that you decide how you perceive things.
Do you want to finally learn to take responsibility for yourself, your thoughts, your feelings and your actions?

Leave the old ways and dare to change!

Give Up Control

February 26, 2012

 Why is that so important? And why is it so difficult?

Most of us had good role models concerning control. Parents control their children and more of them even ignore them on the other side? You might ask “What is worse?”

You might even control your spouse and your co-workers. Just think about it and find out why you are so much interested what others do. Is this just because you do not know yourself or feel unworthy and never develop self-consciousness? Do you know your purpose and your goals?

Now why is it so important to give up control?

The most important reason is that we have to learn to build a better society as we cannot go on like that. You can see that we live in a critical time of change. As long as you resist changes you fight against yourself. You get sick, jobless and go into burnout and depression.

Most of us live in the 3-dimensional world which is school with different stages. Three quarter of the people live with a victim consciousness. You do not need to stay there as you can always change your thoughts.

Invest in yourself and live a life of love, joy, health and abundance you need to enhance your consciousness. Then you move on to the group of creators as you can create your reality. When you keep on learning you become a genius.

Learn to live from your heart with gratitude and love. We move out of the mind into the heart. It is about unity. We got to think with our heart, open ourselves for the inner voice and the inspirations we get while we wake up in the morning. I feel blessed that I follow my inspirations. No more need to live a life in fear and worries.

It is all about love, joy, smile and no more walls of separation. I am You and You are Me!

Therefore it is high time to find out what your purpose of life is. Work at your Goals and give up Control. If you really want to live a successful and fulfilled life leave the HOW to the Universe. It takes care as it is abundant. Work on your purpose and goals and add your feelings to your goals. That is how you learn to visualize what you really thrive for. Thrive for the truth which you find the moment you start thinking with your heart.

Embrace the Union!!! Get together with like minded people and set up cooperation to create a better world!

You find the practical e-book “ Goals Give Your Life Direction”  on Amazon

If you want to get out of fears check for “Success Killer No 1 – Fear  and Worries”

Grab your chances!

January 7, 2012

We must learn to understand what we do not understand.” Dr. Michael King

We live in a time of change. What has still been valid 5 years ago, no longer works today. People who take advantage of others are being discovered. Lies are exposed and rulers overthrown. The world is changing rapidly and people are more aware of it. Who does not change during the crisis but wants to hold on to old truths will perish. You go down and become ill or depressed. You will therefore be forced to act and who does not act will always go downhill. But we always have the choice to decide anew in each moment and to think differently. And yet, the numbers of suicides and depression are rising. You do not have to go this way! You have to grow every second with the ability to transform your thoughts.

The changes relate to the external and internal crisis. The external crisis was initiated by the banking crisis, followed by the real estate and economic crisis. Please do not believe any of the claims that the crisis would be behind us soon. For those who try to resist change, will experience bankruptcies, unemployment, fear and anxiety, burnout, and more and more anger, which caused only by lack of understanding. They will be forced to change.

It is the purest form of madness,  to leave everything that matters and simultaneously hope that things are changing.
First of all do not give any energy to crises. If we give our awareness to crisis, we instantly go into fear. Simultaneously, the crisis will not end as long as most people put  their heads in the sand and continue to remain in the solidification.


We are asked to support or to create new concepts to take our responsibility in any situation and create other forms of dealing with each other.


Do you also deny that we live in an ever more exciting time?


How do you react to that?

Are you going into fear and worries, because you do not understand many things? And the statements in the media do not give you the information you need? Things around us happen in order to awaken us. Finally wake up and leave your comfort zone.

Dare to change yourself!

To get out of personal crises, the faith that you can manage to leave the crisis behind you is important. You just need to desire it.

How do you define your crisis?

In which areas of your life are your own personal crisis:

–      Relationship,

–      Family,

–      Job,

–      Independence,

–      Financial freedom,

–      Leisure time or

–      Even within yourself?
Crises force us to act. If we do not get out of your comfort zone, we become sick and get even into greater crisis. Never forget, we are forced to rethink and change.


Grab your chances and invest in yourself!

A wonder-full 2012

January 2, 2012

The New Year has begun. There are many changes awaiting us. Therefore, I wish you the wisdom and power to perceive  your chances in the changes! This year is under the auspices

Let go and Simplify
Securities contra taking decisions

There is no change for the worse. Change is the process of life and evolution . And evolution moves in only one direction: forward towards improvement!
Which is bigger? Is it the fear of taking decisions or the fear of losing the security?
What does security mean to you? What is today in a constantly changing world still safe? We live in a time of change and the only constant factor is change. Many people get into their personal crisis when / because they resist change.
We are no longer  working more than 30 or even 40 years for an employer as our parents did. Rarely it saves us from getting a second job, if we continue as employees who want to enjoy the apparent safety. Often enough we are forced to change our profession because of illnesses, allergies or unemployment.
On the other hand, young academics are worn out by 60 – to work 70 hours per week. They earn a lot of money, but have no time to spend it. The family planning cannot take place because they do not have not enough time to meet a partner and then to maintain the relationship. This is of enormous stress and anxiety building up, offailing in the job. How long will they experience joy in their profession?
More executives are diseases and get burnout. This is easily factored by many employers. People with burnout are becoming younger.
Even if you are self-employed or lead your company, you can get into the rat race easily, if you think you have to do everything ourselves. To delegate has  to be learned.
How long do you want to endure such a situation? Is the security of retirement more worth than a happy and healthy life?

More and more people get stuck in temporary contracts and have little chance of a permanent contract. The frequent change of companies and locations, they have also lead to no chance of a normal family life. Frustration and disease is  systematically a part of life.
The above-described “reality” show to us that we cannot continue like that. Whether you want to believe it or not, we are on the threshold of a new era.
This is a voltage-generating aspect that creates the collapse of the old forms of security. However, this can also lead to a new sense of liberation and self-empowerment and new creations. We all have the feeling that the crisis can shake the foundations of the government, banking, commerce and religion, and usher in its demise.
The decline in global economic development will continue to create situations (crises), which is increasingly evident. If no changes are made, or only superficial, cosmetic changes are made, then we will be forced by a fundamental restructuring of the events the way we develop our societies, financial and religious institutions, upbringing of children and eventually the way we treat ourselves. The pace of change will continue to rise and sudden, unexpected, catastrophic events, both natural and man-made, show the shortcomings of the present system clearly and openly.

Within our own personal lives, the economic climate and other invisible spiritual realities bring us in a situation like in a pressure cooker. We can no longer trust those whom we trusted before.  Even we can no longer think of anybody or any institution that we were told, that they know the answers.

More and more we are confronted with the question “Do I stay on this sinking ship and now is the time to jump off?” It is a time that brings us deep questions:
– What is really important?
– What is safe?
– What is necessary?
– What is right?

More enlightening information “2012 – Our Reality of Change” on