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20 Criteria for Your Success – Part 3

June 2, 2013


13. The strength to maintain your independence: Independent acting for most tasks in life is a prerequisite. If the ability to develop this fails, success at school and later professional success may be at high risk. Even in teamwork  independent work and thinking is expected. People with success orientation rely primarily on themselves, they act naturally and confidently taking the responsibility for their actions.

14. The strength to overcome personal difficulties: Personal crises usually affect all areas of life, even professional life. Performance-oriented people have realized, that it was not the right way to avoid personal difficulties as well as unpleasant situations, yet they separate their work and private life as much as possible.

15.The ability to concentrate on your goals: Intelligence is not a prerequisite for concentration. Many people never manage to get some time to focus only on one thing. Success-oriented persons are able to focus without too much trouble on the important things. They know the conditions under which they can operate most effectively, and provide this to their own advantage.

16. The ability to find the right balance between overload and under load for themselves: Too much ambition can be harmful: Who is overrated and exacts too much, will hardly achieve his/her goals despite dedication and hard work. Just as harmful may be under-challenged, as personal qualities are not used as they should be, and in addition opportunities may be missed. People with a winning spirit  know how to use their capacities best and also share their time to improve performance correctly.

17. The strength to develop patience in waiting is rewarded: In order to achieve success you need to see it as a lengthy process using the legitimate desire for appropriate recognition, even if  the reward is for a long time often ignored. This desire brings many people to participate only in tasks that are to be realized in a relatively short time, while larger, longer-term projects are designed to remain unrealized. Although people with successful intelligence perceive the small rewards of life, however, they  focus primarily on the things that give them the greatest long-term achievement.

How are you  getting along  to implement  these points?

They are important if we are a freelance,  an entrepreneur or even an employee. However, everyone who applies for a job can use these points to further develop his/ her strengths.

Re-emergence of the feminine

December 30, 2012


The end of the this year, like the end of an old paradigm, brings with it a time of deep contemplation. What worked, what didn’t, and why? The future is born out of the past with a dash of what we add in the moment. May each moment and every decision bring you closer to knowing Love.


This is the end of the male reality. We no longer need fenced in properties nor control of everything. Controlling everything and everyone has brought a lot of fear and the imagined enemies are a reason for even more control. Let us stop this madness right now! Instead of fences and control we should use confidence and love. These are the feminine qualities of life.


It is not about what is out there: job, house, car or spouse. These are prestige qualities. Human qualities come from within!


It is from inside out! This is the end of separation. Love is our connection to people, earth, stars and the Universe/God/Allah or whatever you call that unique source we are all connected to. Even religions are no longer important as we are all energy and ONE. We are all unique and equal! it is time to bring back trust, love, respect and peace. You all are here to set up a different world.


Now our activities should set up situation where we have to meet certain people. Be free and listen to your inner voice. It will guide you to meet the people who are important for you! Trust your inner self.


Trust your internal heart experience. You only evolve through growing. Set up your goals which are bigger than your current reality. Our reality is the result of our thoughts. Therefore get out of your comfort zone and let your consciousness grow!


Write down 101 goals related to what you want to be, have and share with the world!


If we want to change our world we need new hope and visions! Only then we can stop the madness of banks and politics! Get together with like minded people and be active! The aim should not be for money, but for love!!! Add the right ingredients for the future in every moment! Always act with love and peace from your heart!


This is your Mantra for this week and the change of the year:

“With bold determination I rise to the occasion. 
My strength lies in knowing,
That within my heart is growing,
A deeper understanding,
Of what it means to love.”

Your goals should be big

November 25, 2012


“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.” ~ Andrew Carnegie

Why should your goals be huge?

Remember that your subconscious mind directs your life as long as you allow it. In order to teach your subconscious mind new truths, so must create larger goals. If you define your goals, you should not allow your subconscious mind to set limitations. It will keep trying to convey to you that it is not possible, simply because it does not yet acknowledge this as true. You can stop your subconscious mind, when you’ve taken responsibility for your life.


Now if you know your purpose, you can determine your vision. In addition, you can discover your true needs and desires, which then become measurable objectives. The turnkey is that the actions can be coordinated and that leads inevitably to reach your goal.
If you convince your subconscious mind to achieve this objective, it will work day and night to achieve this goal. The experts and scientists have proved this.
Please write down 101 wishes you desire, desire to be and  to have. These goals must be clearly distinguishable from small targets in your everyday life. Think XXL. Remember that the Universe represents abundance. Take a small book, which you always carry it with you so that if something crosses you mind spontaneously, you can add it instantly.


When you have written down your 101 goals then pick out 5 of them which are most important. They are also important in order to achieve the other goals. Then copy the 101 goals and put these sheets of paper in an envelope and write the date today in 3 years.


If you work on your major objectives namely, you’ll be able to find in three years, what until then has come into realty.
Then paint a picture of each of the five goals, so you not only talk about them, but you can feel and visualize them as well. Describe every detail.
Here the example of house:
– Where is the house?
– Who are the neighbors?
– How many rooms does it have?
– How are the rooms furnished?
– Who lives in this house?
– Are there animals?
– What does the garden look like?

– Who are the guests visiting the house?

– Are there regular parties?


As the subconscious mind loves images, there should emerge a clear picture of your goals.

In order to gain clarity about your goals, describe them carefully and write down all the details. Write it as if it was a work order for God or the Universe. And if you write it down by hand, your subconscious mind takes it on board.
A good exercise is to write your goal 100 times and to speak them out loudly 100 times. Then your subconscious mind recognizes its importance.


Always remember that your reality is the expression of your thoughts and feelings. It is up to you to change your life! Change what does not suit you!

Happy Easter

April 8, 2012

H  A  P  P  Y   E  A  S  T  E  R –


























Easter is the time to meet people in order to sit down together and create new content and new connections.
There is no competition and no more ego trips. We need to change before the transition to the next dimension. Right now things are not only changing outside of us, we need to change as well and not just react to the changes is the outside.
We need to change and do this quite quickly, for who resists changes is going to be ill or depressed. Be open and listen to your inner voice.
Take not from others, what they say – even if those other people apparently have the power. These are people who seem to have all the information and bring answers to your mind: whether they come from politics, media or advertising.
Instead, discover the desires of your heart, and make it your own experience. Find what you always wanted, and just followed your mind or your parent´s mind? Later you may have followed your partner´s limitations. What are Your dreams and ideals?
If you know your dreams, you should describe them in writing. Set you goals! For this you can read my book “Goals give your life direction” practical instructions on Amazon.
Importantly, however, that if you always think the same thing and do what you’ve always done, you cannot achieve different results!
Change Your thoughts, for they create your reality. If you do not like your reality, I can only advise you to discover your desires and ideals and transform them into goals. Get to know not only your new YOU, but transform your life into a lighter, happier and successfully life.
We live in a Universe that stands for abundance. Everything is there and everything is energy, sometimes more or less compressed. We are connected with everything!
At the still point between inhalation and exhalation, between action and reaction, you can find the infinite nature of your own!
In the next week we are in the flow. Let it happen and connect with other people. Be creative and create a new reality!

Discover your dreams

February 19, 2012

“To keep a lamp burning, we must continue to add fuel to it. ~ Mother Teresa
The easiest way to reach your dreams is to remember, what makes your eyes sparkle, and has done so in your youth. What were your childhood dreams? Just go into the feelings, if you recall them. What brings a tingling sensation in your stomach or makes your eyes light up?
If you enter on this path, you can quickly determine whether you live your dream or that of somebody else.
– What was the reason to take up this job? Was it your idea or your mother or your father?
– Why do you live where you live now? What was the reason to move there?
– What do you wish for your children? Did you realize your dreams?
Such questions can quickly lead you to your purpose.
Develop your vision so you know where your journey leads you. The only ways you can turn develop goals s which you can achieve. You can find more about this in my e-book “Goals Give Your Life Direction” on Amazon.
The following exercise is designed to help you clarify your vision. Thou can easily do a mental exercise, by thinking and write down what comes as a result. To distinguish, however, whether this is your subconscious mind giving you the answers or go to your inner voice, go in the relaxation. Take your time and make sure that you will not be disturbed. Let run relaxing music in the background and then go through each point carefully. Close your eyes and ask your subconscious mind, what your ideal life looks like at each individual point.
1. Keep the focus on the financial sector of your life. What is your annual income? What is your monthly cash flow? How much money have you created and saved? What is your asset?
Add your ideal numbers so you can realize your goals.

2. What is your home like? Where and how do you live? Describe your best view? What does your garden look like? What furniture is there? What are the colors of the walls? What kind of pictures do you have? Is there a swimming pool? Go through your perfect house and write down what it looks.
To be sure you get this house, give your subconscious the exact picture, because it loves pictures. If you can feel the joy that it is even clearer for your subconscious. Now it will do everything it can to achieve your goal. And the Universal Laws support you as well.

3.  Now, visualize your ideal car and other possessions which show your ideal income.

4.  Now, visualize your ideal job or your ideal career. Where do you work? What are you doing? Who are you working together? Who are your customers? What is your compensation? Is it your own business?

5.  How much leisure time do you have? What are you undertaking with you to your family and friends? What are your hobbies? How do you spend your holidays? What do you really enjoy?

6.  What is your vision of your ideal body and your perfect health? Are you free of disease? What age do you want to reach? Are you open, relaxed and in a perpetual state of bliss? Are you flexible and strong? What kind of food do you like? You drink enough water? How much time do you take off for relaxation and physical training?

7.  Now you look at your relationships with your family and friends. What is your relationship like with your spouse and your children? Who are your friends? What is the quality of the relationships with your friends? Do they support you in all situations? What are you doing together?

8.  What about your personal area? Do you continue learning? What else needs to be learned? Do you want to develop your spirituality? Do you need a coach, who will help you to develop your potential?

9. In the end you look at your church and your environment. Do you want to get involved there? Is that really the perfect community for you? Can you add value? What activities are there in your community? What charities do you support? Whom do you support?

You can visualize the whole exercise first and then write everything down in detail, or vice versa. Just make sure that you write down everything. Otherwise, go back and re-captured this exercise.

People without goals

January 15, 2012

In this day and age more people are living without concrete goals. These people are on remote control and lead no longer an active life. These are people who are unemployed and live on public support, but even people with good jobs that are trapped in their treadmill.

Also, they are no longer live an active life, but to drift along with life and job requirements. They know deep inside that they would have to change something. Because they realize that they get personal and family problems as well. These people had at some point targets that are buried in everyday life by job – home – family debt – illness. This is an eternal cycle that can only be broken actively.

Who moves in circles, always has the same thoughts, and nothing can change nor improve anything. The same results are produced constantly. The maelstrom of everyday life drives people downwards into diseases, burnout, depression and even suicide, as they no longer manage to turn the boat.

At this point you need to stop and take conscious responsibility. You have to take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions. Why this is so important you will see in Chapter 2. In addition, there are always multiple angles in order to assess a situation. Every coin has two sides.

Who leads your life and who or what motivates you, when you let yourself be driven by outer circumstances?

If we are not actively leading our life, then we allow our subconscious take over the lead. If we don’t actively create our thoughts, our subconscious mind produces thoughts that come from the rich treasure of the collected thoughts, feelings and experiences. The subconscious mind believes that these treasures are true.

To better understand why these thoughts, feelings and experiences are stored there, we need to know the difference between our conscious and the subconscious:

Information about the conscious and subconscious

Brain mass:   17%
Speed of impulse:  120 – 140 mph
Bits per/second:  2.000
Control of perception and behavior:   2 – 4%
Function:   volitional
Time:  past + future
Memory horizon:  Up to 20 seconds

Brain mass:   83%
Speed of impulse:   over 100.000 mph
Bits per/second:  400 billion
Control of perception and behavior:  96 -98%
Function:  servile
Time:  present
Memory horizon:  forever

The subconscious mind has not only significantly larger memory; it also has more storage space. Imagine huge shelves, where all thoughts, feelings and habits are stored in your subconscious.

Our subconscious mind is always present and absorbs everything. What it takes in seems real, because the subconscious mind knows only the present. This is important if we want add new information. Rephrase the sentence always in the present, as you had already received what you want. On the other hand, the subconscious mind takes pleasure in receiving what it already knows. Therefore, if you consume television, radio, newspapers and novels, that strengthens the thoughts and attitudes that already exist. The subconscious mind never forgets! On contrary the consciousness is our short term memory.

Maybe now you understand, why we have to work with our subconscious mind.

Live Your Dreams

November 13, 2011

We all can live our dreams when we exactly know what we are dreaming of.

If you are not yet sure or no longer know what your dreams are, what you really desire or what your purpose of this life is, you can start writing down

101 Goals

1)    About what you want to be.

2)    About what you want to achieve.

3)    About what you want to become.

From these 101 goals you look for the 5 major or at the moment more important goals. They will lead you to the other goals later. Then prioritize the 5 goals and add passion to them.

With passion, your deepest feelings, you build up your faith. You need to believe that you deserve what you want NOW. You need to believe that you succeed NOW.

Here is a powerful affirmation which you can use for your goals:

“I NOW have ALL the power and intelligence to make ALL the money I want RIGHT NOW, AND I deserve it more TODAY than ever before in my life!”

With your passion your attention goes to your major goal and you start attracting where your attention goes to. If you focus on money the opportunities will come your way as you focus on them. Whenever we are open we see things which we otherwise will not have noticed. If you want to have a red car, you will notice more red cars on the road because your attention goes there. Or if you desire to have a baby, you notice all the pregnant women or the babies in the prams.

The Law of Gratitude supports your dreams immensely. If you feel grateful for whatever you want to attract you will get more of the things you are grateful for. And as long as you are grateful your doubts and worries have no chance!

And then the Law of Attraction in conjunction with the Law of Resonance will bring you anything you are focusing on.

Our reality is the mirror of our thoughts.

Thoughts become reality and the belief makes it so!”