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Good to Know

September 30, 2012

I want to share this information with you. Please share it!
Good to know:

– Stinging nettle as a natural spray for the garden.

– Suns cream is harmful to the skin – skin can be adapted without any cream in the sun, carrots support skin.

– Produce natural detergents with Buckeyes (vegetable surfactants).

– With dandelion roots you can make coffee.

– There are no viruses: only conflict and healing within us.

– Vaccination does not protect (not even for 5 minutes) – “planned” mass poisoning.

– Diets: vegetarian, vegan, fruitarians, Pescetarier, flexitarians, freegan, Bioganer, raw food, Breatharian.

– Genetics: genes in resolution, “each cell is a universe unto itself,” see “Biology of Beliefs” by Bruce Lipton.

– Fruit of Soursop can cure cancer.

– Acupuncture can be used successfully in paralysis and heart surgery without anesthesia.

– Tooth decay is curable – between fasting forego sugar, always avoid fluorides (natural toothpaste in the health food store).

– Scalp Acupuncture for stroke.

– BiGu: Chinese, vegan raw food way up to the light, cures diseases.

– Incurable vision – without glasses to old age through eye exercises.

– Microwave is “fatal” – rays destroy the natural structure of the food – no energy value.

– Qi Gong: cures through exercises and Qi Gong Master (joint pain, bone deformities, evidence on cancer cure).

– Alternative to the pill: Yam.

– Build immune system: colloidal silver, sharp food like garlic, onion, chili, etc., and the best raw herb (Echinacea).

– Himalayan salt instead of normal salt: contains 80 minerals, table salt contains about 2 and sometimes toxic iodine and / or fluorides. Sea salt contains traces of heavy metals.

– Fish may also contain heavy metals, as well as drug residues, hormones (birth control pill remnants), etc. We should remember that everything ends up in the sea …

– Alternative to sugar: Stevia – No calorie, 300 times stronger than sugar, protects the teeth, for diabetics. Available as powder or drops, legally approved since 2011.

– There are gluten-free bread and pasta: Gluten in grains causes bloating, nausea and diarrhea.

– Wheat grass juice contains a variety of nutrients, especially vitamin B12, suitable for vegans and vegetarians. In many grasses and leafy green also, why Vitamin B12 is present in relatively small quantities in meat … (Cow eats grass).

– A few weeks of healing fasting heal the body: drug residues are degraded, heavy metals, hormones, etc. Fasting was always been known to heal diseases.

– Natural self build houses with straw bales, clay and wood.

– Establish own communities with more independence and self-sufficiency (power supply), in the village or state (micro nation) to allow new rules for society: (medicinal) plants, legalize and allow immoral experiences, technologies permit, land law, vacant homes, resource based Economic and Monetary Affairs with basic income and without interest,  allow things what other states prohibit.

When do we start to learn?

December 4, 2011

Scientists are showing us that we start learning when we still are in the womb of our mother. That insight is crucial to all and everything, what we are today, what our stress level and diseases are.

Children of mothers living under a lot of stress while being pregnant are showing diseases like heart problems, diabetes and other diseases in their adult life. Even under nutrition during wars turn into stress. Post dramatic stress of the mothers while being pregnant affects the fetus as well.

On the other hand the baby loves and prefers what the mother was eating during pregnancy. When the mother has drunk a lot of carrot juice, the baby love carrots.

The fetus even recognizes the voice of the mother and the way she speaks. That means we learn then in which society and which language we are born into. Scientists have even found out that the babies in different countries cry according to the sound of that language they heard as a fetus. When a mother watches soaps during pregnancy the baby recognizes the music of that series.

Learning starts when we are a fetus!

Knowing this we can understand a lot more about ourselves. These experiences are stored in the subconscious mind. To understand your thought patterns and problems it is worth to get to know more about the living conditions of your mother while she was pregnant with you. How was the living condition and financial situation of your parents? How was the influence of your grandparents? Were they supportive or just the opposite? What kind of stress did your mother have during that time of pregnancy? All stress hormones are shared with the fetus.

Anyhow knowing that please do not go into the trap that you start to blame your mother or the circumstances.  That holds you back. Our topic these days is to let lose, let go and forgive! Even forgive yourself and then trust in yourself and the Universe, God or whatever you want to call the ultimate source.

If you want children create the best conditions during your pregnancy. Work on yourself and start forgiving whomever you have to forgive. Give the child in your womb the warmth and love it needs.

When you already have children give them the best conditions you can provide: love, warmth and truth. Always be you and never pretend. Just learn to take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Own your power and believe in your capacity!

This week´s mantra: What I believe is possible, is possible!