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Our Future

August 11, 2013

We put our soul trusting in the love in the hands of other people. But no one out there can give us, what we really need. That what we are looking for, we can only find in ourselves. With the decision to love yourself, the most exciting journey of your life starts!

I can confirm this from my experience. We can perceive people differently because we can accept them as they are, as we can now can share unconditional love. There will be no more stereotyped thinking but true encounter.

Precisely this behaviour is important for the future of the next 20 years. Unless we learn to love ourselves unconditionally, we cannot pass on true love. We need to develop respect and recognition as values​​, since the migration is rather increasing than diminishing.

With these values ​​we must urgently treat Mother Earth as well, or hurricanes, earthquakes and floods hit us even more. Fracking for oil and gas will destroy our environment, and we certainly do not want that this planet looks inside like a Swiss cheese.

if we change our purchasing behaviour from globally to regionally and only purchase what we really need, then not only our economy has a chance to survive, but we as consumers, too. We need new technology and energy sources. The change of energy sources also prevents wars.

There will be wars about water and food, too, if we do not change our behaviour and develop values. Greed and inhumane treatment of people have no future or we all have no future!

Sustainability and values ​​are the winners! Let’s start changing NOW!


August 26, 2012

You are meant to thrive! Moves are happening everywhere and you are here right now to participate.

Here is the mantra of this week:

“When I’m able to risk messing it up,
And I go for it giving all I’ve got,
I am being the best I can be,
And no matter what happens,
It’s (I’m) OK by me.”

This mantra is mutable and can be either “It’s” or “I’m” depending on your preference. One way or the other it is time “market” yourself….get on out there, show your stuff, and use the feedback to improve your show.


It is high time to stop sitting on the coach, watch TV and wait for what is happening. Your soul wanted to be here in this moment and thrive. We are here to grow and enhance your life and do good to other people’s life. In the reality of change we do not need coach potatoes. We need people with vision. What is your vision?

But you will stay in your comfort zone as long as you look for security outside. Security can only be in you! Right now economic and social systems are breaking apart. As long as you always think, feel and do what you have always thought, felt and done, you cannot obtain other results! Please understand this.


It is simple to give your life direction you need aims which are bigger than your thinking at the moment. You just need to know the What you want and the Why you want it. The How you can leave to the Universe, God, Allah or whatever you call this never ending energy! I can ensure you, this works beautifully.



Please join movements like Thrive or get together with other people and do something good for your community. A lot of communities do not have enough money to take care of social projects. Be there and find out what your part is in this huge evolution.


But start working on yourself:

  1. Start with loving you as only then you are able to share love with other people.
  2. Be grateful for the small things and you will shift your energy. In the presence of gratitude fear and worries cannot be there the same moment.
  3. Be responsible for your thoughts, feelings and actions!

Work on these 3 points and you will see that your life is joy and love!

More support you can find in my books with a lot of mental exercises:

Miracles can happen

July 31, 2011

Miracles happen when we love ourselves and are then able to give unconditional love.

When you love yourself deeper every day you are opening up for a juicy life. What is a juicy life? Get our and meet people. Experience yourself as a loving being in connection with people you meet. They will notice that you are different. You will talk and treat people differently when you are able to express unconditional love. It also means to be open for opportunities you have not seen yet. The Universe is abundant and loving yourself means to connect to this abundance. Then miracles can happen!

Unconditional means without conditions. Remember that you put labels on people: they are ugly, lazy, noisy, arrogant, not cooperating, foreigners, handicapped or even old. You do not need these labels anymore. Love without conditions does not need them.  You will stop blaming others as you realize that only you can change your life. And it is so easy. Be the I AM and you can even forget your own restriction:

–       I am not worth it

–       This is not for me

–       I am stupid

–       I am too fat

These are your paradigms, which you can change as well.

Here is a powerful mantra:

I am Love, I am Joy, I am Health and I am Abundance

The I am is very powerful and repeating that mantra aloud again and again, it will change your energy.

This is FREEDOM as well. You can be You and not the person your parents , your spouse or boss is expecting. Be you and you have so much more to give that everybody will love you as you are.

There is so much more to experience in this world of change. Please start loving and respecting our planet as well. If we want to survive we have to cooperate and stop exploiting our Mother Earth.

The solar flares are increasing their power and on day it will hurt us because we missed  to change ourselves. The time of change forces us to do so.
More on this subject in my book “2012 – Our reality of change” on

Why is peace connected with love

January 9, 2011

We’re right there at the time of changes – the time of consciousness expansion. This is the time  of love. We must learn again to live in communities. And I am addressing to all singles, to be open to the partner whom they can give  their unconditional love. We should move away from talking about my husband or my wife. As who wants to own love, will never obtain love.
Usually two people meet who do not love themselves. You expect love from the partner. How can this work if both partners are in expectations and  have nothing to give?
Begin with loving  yourself. Tell yourself each morning and evening looking in the mirror “I love you , your name, and I wish you a wonderful day / one good night.” Smile at yourself with love. Repeat it and make it a ritual, even if it is initially difficult. Treat yourself nicely and you will be able to give as well as receive. But forget about expecting LOVE. Be aware about your picture of love !

You are lovable and why are we told not love ourselves? Your aura will change. Because if we learn to love ourselves, we can stop all the love dramas, as we then we are able to love unconditionally, without  any expectations.

Between love and possession is a huge difference. By the misguided love image we have created a global battlefield – both inside and outside.
Only with a changed image of love peace can grow. Help to create more peace!

Life is Love where is yours?

September 19, 2010

We are used to identify ourselves by things we are not: our physical shape (obsession with appearance), and our work (fixation on activity), our relation to others (fixation on status), our material possessions (fixing the surface of life ).

We are not the accidents of fate, but energy of consciousness.

Just as we are not the sum of our memories of our relationship. These factors are indeed closer to the truth, because they include a human dimension, a unique profile, which needs to be aware of other people when they say that they “know” us.

Who are you? What is your purpose of life? Are you currently doing what you always wanted to do? Or are you just in a profession because somebody told you to go for that? Are you just doing a job because of money?

Whenever we do things which are not our true self, things go wrong. You become sick, get stuck in the rat race and lose your beloved people around you, because you cannot see them anymore. And the time you spend together has no quality.

Life is Love and Love is Life

Do you live a happy relationship?

August 14, 2010

Why do we have so many singles in the world? Just alone in Munich nearly half of the population is single.

I do not see the reason that more and more people are not capable to live a relationship. The reason is that we never learned to love ourselves.

If you cannot love yourself and expect to be loved, you only attract people who are like you. But what if then both people wait that they are loved?

How can in this relationship love be exchanged?
Those who learn to love themselves can attract a person, who loves himself/herself.
Here, unconditional love can flow and a wonderful partnership be lived.

Start your morning in the bathroom and tell yourself that you love yourself. Smile at yourself and kiss your hand like Bob Proctor shows us.