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Do not let yourself go – Go by yourself is even better!

October 9, 2011

We are called to take action when the world around us is sinking into chaos. The chaos is important because we are in transition to a new dimension. Only chaos can create something new. If we cling to old structures, however, and only look backwards, we will not see what is emerging before us. And every minute there could be a new opportunity for you!
There are a growing number of new projects that are working to find new answers. Our old answers are no longer able to answer new questions. That is the reason why, most people in politics, media and the economy produce so much chaos.
So you have to go yourself if you do not want to sink into chaos!  Chaos means in your life sickness, unemployment, poverty, depression and burnout. Do not be a jack into the power of destruction. Stop listening and keeping  track of news on TV, radio or Internet. Do not give your attention to disasters newspapers.
You should give your attention to your inner voice only, because only it knows the truth. The inner voice, your gut feeling is connected to the infinite truth. Our thoughts are fed by the subconscious. It stores the old responses, attitudes and beliefs that no longer serve you today.
We are challenged to grow and change if we want move into the new dimension. Be sure you do not let yourself go. Take a proactive approach and look for your new answers. Work on your attitudes and beliefs that no longer serve you.
Where are you going?
What do you want?
Learn to lead a lighter, healthy and happy life!

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What are fears and where do they come from?

August 20, 2011

It is fact that most people grew up with fears and worries and consider that as normal. Therefore they consider that these intense feelings are a part of their life as breathing is. This we have absorbed almost as the breast milk. So if we do not know anything else, it seems to us that to be the most normal thing in the world.

Yes, and not even if we are seriously ill, we know the causes behind illness. We just do not want to look behind the reasons, just because we or our subconscious knows nothing else. If you do not want to let your subconscious mind to govern your life, it means irrevocably that you will have to take action and responsibility for your life! On the other hand, who has told you as a child that is possible to lead life without any worries? As an adult that cannot be an excuse. We all strive for inner peace, but do not find the way. That may change now, if you are ready to take responsibility.
The very first step is the will to accept responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions. Stop at once to blame others for your plight. It is not your partner, your children, your boss, politics, crisis, or even your parents. It is only you who can reach different results in your life. And only you decide which way you go. Do you choose the way to a juicy and more successful life or the way to illness or even depression?

“Who does not know how to fight fear and worry, dies early” ~ Dr. Alexis Carrel

Worries and anxieties play a role in high blood pressure, heart and stomach ailments, even at rheumatism.
Your reality reflects your thoughts. So change your thoughts and stay healthy!

You are the creator of your life

February 8, 2011

Which is your purpose of life

“You are the storyteller of your own life, and you can create the legend or not.”
~Isabel Allende

Can you meanwhile understand that you are the one who writes the script for your life? In order to write the best script for your life, you need to know your purpose of life. Have a look what really makes you happy? Is your job making you happy? Or do you need to force yourself to go to work and do what you need to do. I can predict that you are getting sick, get a burnout or be mobbed one day. That is what you attract when you do not love what you do.

When you limit yourself thinking that you will not be able to earn money with what you enjoy doing, you will never live a fulfilled life. There are many niches to set up your own business or work from home. When you found out what it is, look for answers and try to live your purpose. Never give up getting there even if you have to follow some sidetracks and come back to the main road again. You might take up a par time job while you set up your business.

When you have written your script be aware that it will not work on autopilot. And do not stay in the situation that you plan and do not act. Without action you will never reach your goals. When you want to get from New York to London you would make sure that you know how and when to get there and then start your journey. The same happens with your aims. Make sure you that you take action every day. Do not delay and never give up. Be confident in yourself and listen to your inner voice!

When you know your aim set up a time table and create smaller aims which are easier to realize on the journey to your big aim. When you notice something is holding you up, it might be paradigms in your subconscious mind. That might be the time to look for a coach who helps you to find and resolve these paradigms.