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People without goals

January 15, 2012

In this day and age more people are living without concrete goals. These people are on remote control and lead no longer an active life. These are people who are unemployed and live on public support, but even people with good jobs that are trapped in their treadmill.

Also, they are no longer live an active life, but to drift along with life and job requirements. They know deep inside that they would have to change something. Because they realize that they get personal and family problems as well. These people had at some point targets that are buried in everyday life by job – home – family debt – illness. This is an eternal cycle that can only be broken actively.

Who moves in circles, always has the same thoughts, and nothing can change nor improve anything. The same results are produced constantly. The maelstrom of everyday life drives people downwards into diseases, burnout, depression and even suicide, as they no longer manage to turn the boat.

At this point you need to stop and take conscious responsibility. You have to take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions. Why this is so important you will see in Chapter 2. In addition, there are always multiple angles in order to assess a situation. Every coin has two sides.

Who leads your life and who or what motivates you, when you let yourself be driven by outer circumstances?

If we are not actively leading our life, then we allow our subconscious take over the lead. If we don’t actively create our thoughts, our subconscious mind produces thoughts that come from the rich treasure of the collected thoughts, feelings and experiences. The subconscious mind believes that these treasures are true.

To better understand why these thoughts, feelings and experiences are stored there, we need to know the difference between our conscious and the subconscious:

Information about the conscious and subconscious

Brain mass:   17%
Speed of impulse:  120 – 140 mph
Bits per/second:  2.000
Control of perception and behavior:   2 – 4%
Function:   volitional
Time:  past + future
Memory horizon:  Up to 20 seconds

Brain mass:   83%
Speed of impulse:   over 100.000 mph
Bits per/second:  400 billion
Control of perception and behavior:  96 -98%
Function:  servile
Time:  present
Memory horizon:  forever

The subconscious mind has not only significantly larger memory; it also has more storage space. Imagine huge shelves, where all thoughts, feelings and habits are stored in your subconscious.

Our subconscious mind is always present and absorbs everything. What it takes in seems real, because the subconscious mind knows only the present. This is important if we want add new information. Rephrase the sentence always in the present, as you had already received what you want. On the other hand, the subconscious mind takes pleasure in receiving what it already knows. Therefore, if you consume television, radio, newspapers and novels, that strengthens the thoughts and attitudes that already exist. The subconscious mind never forgets! On contrary the consciousness is our short term memory.

Maybe now you understand, why we have to work with our subconscious mind.