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Karma Clearing Time

December 8, 2012


 For all of us the time has come to liberate us from fear that has kept us away from joy, creativity, peace and courage to be honest. It’s time to do something inspiring to live the meaning of our lives.” ~ Joseph Bailey

The 21st of December 2012 when the Mayan Calendar ends, is very near.  We move into the 5th Dimension into another cycle of 26.000 years. The focus remains on relationships with the idea that it is “karma clearing time!” It is not just letting go or holding on. It is how you do it, that makes or breaks it. The time of self liberation means the freedom of the self. The EGO has to stand back!


If you want to move on in life, you need to release your blockages. At the time of change we must learn to release internal and external ballast. Creating clarity in your life helps you automatically to realize the next step you need to take. Be open to acquire new knowledge, which was given to us by the quantum physics only a few years ago.


Be grateful for your interest and willingness to learn more about creating your new life! I see my task in this world, to support many people to enhance their consciousness in order to strengthen the positive energy in the global consciousness. Thus, the dark forces of ignorance, to violence become smaller and new opportunities can evolve. We need a greater awareness and if you look around you, watch how it grows steadily. We need this knowledge to expand our consciousness in order for what is necessary to be prepared for the quantum leap.


Let go and you can move on a new path! Look at your believes as according to them you take your decisions.


The Zulu talk about the Law of Inclusion. That includes Gaia as well. She has her ways with us. We have to stop behaving as we own Gaia. This Planet gives us the best living conditions we need and we are missing respect and hurt it. This way we create more bad karma and destroy our living conditions. Include Gaia in your daily life and no longer ignore her or take her as granted!


The same time do not exclude anybody who enters your life. Anger is an exclusion. Stop being angry on people of the past as you treat new people with the same exclusion. If you are still angry with past lovers, release that anger! If you are a single and believe that life is great on your own. Do not cheat yourself. We are a social being and need to learn to share live with other people. Start to love yourself and you can share unconditional love easily!


This is the time to screen our beliefs. Try out new beliefs of inclusion!


This is the Mantra of this week:

” I have reasons, judgement and doubts,
For my stepping in and my stepping out.
But the more conscious I am the more I see,
That there are laws governing life that transcend what I believe.”

Get out of your comfort zone

July 28, 2012

Don’t hold your breath waiting for things to calm down so you can concentrate and really “do it right”…..sorry…. those days are gone for good. Time to trust yourself and others, take a chance and co-create a better future “shooting from the hip” as they say in the United States!


That is the influence of the astrological energy right now for the coming week. It is the time of action. No more waiting. Waiting for what? It is you who has to take the decisions. Do not delay; just listen to your inner voice.


The seeds you sow at the new moon a week ago are growing. Act in a creative expression and do what you have to do. Do, act and decide in joy and the faith that whatever you decide is for the good of all concerned.


The masculine energy wants to be seen now. What is in your life that wants to be confronted, combined or creating transformation?


Remember when you delay you go into fear and become sick at a certain point. We are here to take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and action. Taking responsibility you can create a new reality through action and interaction.


Impulses and inspiration emerge. Be careful when it brings fear of disapproval. Just get out of your comfort zone and dare something you always wanted but did not have the courage to go for it!


2012 stand for evolution and changes. You decide whether you are proactive and take responsibility.  That is what is needed on times of change. There are so many great movements and project to create a new world. Just find out what is right for you and then go for it!

Get out of your comfort zone; make a decision to create something new!


The Mantra of this week:

“With bold determination I make my decision, to change the force of tension into the act of creation!”

Time for Decisions

June 3, 2012

This is a powerful week where we may need to stand firmly to truth and consciously choose to let go of an old life to make way for the new. Not only the lunar eclipse but Venus transiting across the face of the Sun in Gemini, heralds a new relationship between the spiritual/physical, light/dark, masculine/feminine, conscious/unconscious worlds that can result in greater peace, love and unity than we have yet known.  Take an active part and start to take your necessary decisions. Let us consciously go for that change!

This June will be seen not only as the mid-year turning point but as a long-term turning point within many people’s world view, values, relationships, and life direction. It initiates the beginning of the much heralded changes foretold in so many of our world religions.

We are living in a time of transition focused upon the awakening, empowering, and fulfillment of the heart chakra. With the help of many celestial, spiritual forces, some from beyond our solar system, the vibrational frequency, magnetic field, and general atmosphere of our planet is increasing in intensity as it rises. More sensitive individuals, animal species, tectonic plates, and even economies which just mirror human stress levels, have been experiencing these changes approach like a tsunami.

We can already see and experience the social fabric of many of our nations start to disintegrate, support systems falter, and financial crisis become more commonplace. Within our personal, family, and social relationships also, the temperature has been rising. This is the time to make changes. Get ready and do not resist the changes. This is the chance of your lifetime. Do not get into fear; just be grateful that we move into a better world.

The collective purpose along with the point of the buildup of all this energy and its inevitable release is a burst in conscious awareness leading to the liberation of suppressed, ignored, and denied human potential. This month of June will bring decision after decision and change after change. It builds the pressure to make changes and for some of you it may seem unbearable at times.

Our choices determine our character and decide our future destiny both individually and collectivly. The fear of making the wrong choices relinquishes our power to external forces, be they partners, families, employers, churches, or governments. This inaction can also be seen as resisting the forces of change, growth, and evolution thus damning the river of life. This month will see the cracks in that damn begin to burst. The result may be experienced as catastrophic by those remaining in fear as a result of separation consciousness. This is the liberation from the shackles of limitation by those who wish to ride the river to the ocean of unity.

Most traumas will be experienced by those who wish to remain unchanged. They try to remain sitting on the fence and not choose one path of action over another. As hard as it may seem, this is nothing but an exercise in freedom, the ability to determine the future course of our lives within the face of “danger.” It is the limited and conditioned Ego that will come up with thousands of excuses why we cannot have the life which we deserve to live. These ego-generated fears will also be unconsciously projected outward and manifest as governments, banks, relationships, and even our beloved planet herself, that are seemingly stopping us from a fulfilling, joyful, life experience.

“As I unite the dark and the light, I shine like a beacon in the night.”

Action Brings Success

April 22, 2012

With the new astrological constellation we are now in the phase of Action, Action and Action. Our head moves a thousand times faster than our feelings. Please cool down and breathe in consciously.


We have a lot more sun flares and energy from the deep space. The galaxy and our sun are evolving. We only have little time to change and therefore have to live our life more consciously. We can change together with the earth and there is no needing not be afraid. Venus, Sun, Mars and Jupiter are active. They help us to wake up, to raise our consciousness so that we realize and change our attitude towards our Mother Earth and perceive her as living being. She is going through a planetary incarnation, emotions, and a planetary development plan. This development plan is more complex than that of human beings. However, we have the chance of a lifetime to move forward in the history of humanity to raise our consciousness and to live from the heart. This means listening to your inner voice and in this way you will follow your heart.


The sun flares increase their power and as long as they are not directly facing the earth it only affects the magnetic field. These changes affect our sleeping patterns. But there is a lot more going on. Just relax into the changes. It is part of our evolution. The best is to get into your feelings and trust your inner voice and inspirations!


Now it is important to walk the talk and take your decisions! If you need to spend money just do it! There are no wrong choices. Pondering does not help, just get into action! You choose so the choice is yours. And you have to pay something for every decision: money, love, care, responsibility ….


Another vital point is that food and water has information. If you eat chunk food you get that information and your body reacts accordingly. Why do you think we have so many people suffering from diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes or cancer? My advice is that you enjoy food, enjoy cooking with fresh food. And stop eating while you do something else!


You can feel scattered in times like this, not here, not able to concentrate – but do not forget that you are in motion. This is the time to bring things into action you have pondered about. Bring the ideal into real! Walk your talk and a new reality arises.


We are in insecure times. Security is an illusion as long as you expect it from outside. Create your security by acting.


“I am the bridge between the imagined and the real. When I act and follow through I truly heal.”

A wonder-full 2012

January 2, 2012

The New Year has begun. There are many changes awaiting us. Therefore, I wish you the wisdom and power to perceive  your chances in the changes! This year is under the auspices

Let go and Simplify
Securities contra taking decisions

There is no change for the worse. Change is the process of life and evolution . And evolution moves in only one direction: forward towards improvement!
Which is bigger? Is it the fear of taking decisions or the fear of losing the security?
What does security mean to you? What is today in a constantly changing world still safe? We live in a time of change and the only constant factor is change. Many people get into their personal crisis when / because they resist change.
We are no longer  working more than 30 or even 40 years for an employer as our parents did. Rarely it saves us from getting a second job, if we continue as employees who want to enjoy the apparent safety. Often enough we are forced to change our profession because of illnesses, allergies or unemployment.
On the other hand, young academics are worn out by 60 – to work 70 hours per week. They earn a lot of money, but have no time to spend it. The family planning cannot take place because they do not have not enough time to meet a partner and then to maintain the relationship. This is of enormous stress and anxiety building up, offailing in the job. How long will they experience joy in their profession?
More executives are diseases and get burnout. This is easily factored by many employers. People with burnout are becoming younger.
Even if you are self-employed or lead your company, you can get into the rat race easily, if you think you have to do everything ourselves. To delegate has  to be learned.
How long do you want to endure such a situation? Is the security of retirement more worth than a happy and healthy life?

More and more people get stuck in temporary contracts and have little chance of a permanent contract. The frequent change of companies and locations, they have also lead to no chance of a normal family life. Frustration and disease is  systematically a part of life.
The above-described “reality” show to us that we cannot continue like that. Whether you want to believe it or not, we are on the threshold of a new era.
This is a voltage-generating aspect that creates the collapse of the old forms of security. However, this can also lead to a new sense of liberation and self-empowerment and new creations. We all have the feeling that the crisis can shake the foundations of the government, banking, commerce and religion, and usher in its demise.
The decline in global economic development will continue to create situations (crises), which is increasingly evident. If no changes are made, or only superficial, cosmetic changes are made, then we will be forced by a fundamental restructuring of the events the way we develop our societies, financial and religious institutions, upbringing of children and eventually the way we treat ourselves. The pace of change will continue to rise and sudden, unexpected, catastrophic events, both natural and man-made, show the shortcomings of the present system clearly and openly.

Within our own personal lives, the economic climate and other invisible spiritual realities bring us in a situation like in a pressure cooker. We can no longer trust those whom we trusted before.  Even we can no longer think of anybody or any institution that we were told, that they know the answers.

More and more we are confronted with the question “Do I stay on this sinking ship and now is the time to jump off?” It is a time that brings us deep questions:
– What is really important?
– What is safe?
– What is necessary?
– What is right?

More enlightening information “2012 – Our Reality of Change” on


November 2011 is a very important time

October 30, 2011

This is going to be a great month! The degree of your happiness will be largely dependent upon your ability to open yourself to others and the world. As long as you remain in a state of fear and separation, expending your energy in trying to keep the intruders out, guard yourself (your physical body, possessions, business etc.) then you may run yourself on disaster! You become desperately stressed by situations and people. You cannot control yourself and the situations you are in, and have a miserable time. The other attitude, and what I suggest, is that you get over yourself! Your petty little concerns may seem like such big important issues in the moment. But the moment you open yourself to the forces of evolution acting in your life through these so called “intruders – intrusions” into your overly structured and egoically maintained reality. There are so many chances around you and you will not see them as long as you stay in fear!

Things look disastrous, ignore them or learn to see them as what they are. Only out of chaos something new can be born. We live in a time of big changes and need to grow. When you grow your consciousness you will notice that the old structures are no longer working. Greed and egoism are destroying the economy and human relationships.

We live in a very critical time. But I can assure you, that when you overcome your fear you will find peace in yourself and hear your inner voice. Follow these inspirations as they are connected to the Universal wisdom, the morphogenetic field.

This is a month of huge change in more ways than one. Change that can be celebrated or feared, you have the choice! In the yogic tradition, 11-11-11 marks the actual birth of the Aquarian Age! It is high time to end the old paranoid ways and approaches to life based upon physical, material survival, and be open to a new understanding of the interconnectedness and interdependence. I would like to call it intersupport of all existence.  We are all energy and energy is interconnected and flows. Render yourself to the flow of life! Stop clinging to things or situations that want to change!

As with any new beginning there is necessarily the release or end of the old patterns:

–       relationships,

–       structures,

–       beliefs,

–       ideas.

They have kept us in a state of immaturity…. Now it is time to grow up.

Abundant Opportunities

September 11, 2011

“We must learn to understand, what we do not understand.” Dr. Michael König

We live in a time of change. Since more than 5 years Thing which worked then no longer work today. People who take advantage of others are discovered nowadays. Lies are exposed and rulers overthrown. The world is changing rapidly and people become more aware. Who does not change during the crisis and wants to cling to old truths, will perish. The consequence is to be ill or depressed. You will therefore be forced to act. Who does not change will go downhill. We always have a choice. A coin has a t least 2 sides and you have different angles to look at a situation. You always have a choice to think differently.

The number of suicide, burnout and depression are still rising. You do not have to go this way! You have to grow and become more every second.  Everybody has the ability to transform his thoughts.

The changes relate to the external and internal crisis. The external crisis was initiated by the banking crisis, followed by the real estate and economic crisis. Please do not believe any of the claims that the crisis would be behind us. Because if people do not want to change bankruptcies, unemployment, fear and anxiety, burnout, and increasing anger that comes only with incomprehension. Change is the only option we have. The only thing which is stable is change. Look at the nature.

The purest form of insanity is to keep everything the same and at the same time hope that something changes.

You also deny that we live in an ever more exciting time? How do you react to this? Become afraid and worried, because you do not understand what is going on? Please ignore the statements in the media. Things happen in order to awaken us. Wake up and leave your comfort zone. Dare to change whatever needs to be changed. First of all change yourself!

When you move you out of your comfort zone, you will notice things that you have not seen before. How you find your niche is in the next post.

Have courage to take decisions

August 14, 2011

If you define your goals and then filter out the 5 most important goals, you can develop your vision.
To develop visions and to define the goals one way how you wish to implement your vision, is one thing. Crucial is whether you have the courage to make decisions and changes can take place.

Remember always that you are responsible for your life, so only you can take the appropriate decisions. Decisions are necessary if you want to move forward. Because if you stay where you are now, you will achieve no other results!

In other words, if you’re not satisfied with your reality, you have to change something. This may mean separating yourself from certain life circumstances:
– From a job that you does no longer satisfy you, but rather make you sick.
– From your job if it is not the purpose of your current life.
– From a job that is holding you in your comfort zone.

– From a relationship/ marriage that has been stagnating for years, and rather make you sick.
– From a relationship/ marriage where you and your spouse became strangers and cannot communicate anymore.
– From a relationship/marriage that does not allow simultaneous growth. If your partner /spouse wants you to stay the person he / she has known or married, you cannot grow.

– From life circumstances that keep you where are and you cannot grow.
– From friends who just accept you as you were and will not accept you otherwise.
– From parents who live nearby and cannot let you go or become an adult.
– From people who think only negative.
If you want different results, you cannot avoid making decisions that could change your life. When do you want to start? If not now, when?
Goals and visions must be lived; otherwise you’ll never reach them.

Only you can decide which way to go