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February 9, 2013

This weekend, practice the big “C” (Compassion) starting with yourself! When we chill out and take it easy on ourselves we can take it easy on each other and they, in turn, will respond in kind! The New Moon in Aquarius on Saturday offers us the opportunity to untangle and taking it all so personally and the beginning of seeing life events as just the events that happen and we go on.

You might get impulsive in your thinking and speaking. The same time it is a great opportunity to break through into spiritual Nirvana. You might get in mood to send out emails, network or meet people. You may get spaced out. Try not to get into addiction.

It can be a very healing time if you do not get carried away. Breathe deeply into your belly to settle in your body or in the upper chest to lift you up. Just depends what you need.

It is a great time for writing down your dreams. Stay centred and avoid getting into the rat race. Do not suppress your feelings as now you can see deeper into your issues which you can finish or release.

Take the chances of this enlightening weekend which can bring up clearance and separation. Do not take things personally, no guilt or blaming yourself. Stop with the “I am not…” nor blame others. Get into the bigger picture and deal with your early childhood. From the time in the womb till the age of 7 is your formative time. Your subconscious mind swallowed all thoughts and feelings of your parents like a sponge.

You might feel that you did not get enough love from your parents and now you look for it in your partner. Your intense feelings of need he or she might have as well. The feelings of need harden yourself: “I do not allow that someone hurts me anymore, therefore it is better to live as a single.” Then your partner doesn’t feel needed nor loved.

By rejecting your natural needs you cut off your life forth.  Now it is time to soften and forgive yourself. Relax, breathe and soften. Look at the bigger picture and become aware what you are and what you can become when you start softening.

Whenever you define or diagnose something/ someone you get stuck in the situation. Do not jump on conclusions that prevent you and your partner from changes. Stop blaming and start to love yourself!

This is the Mantra of this week:

When I allow the world and myself to change,
Letting go of the guilt and all the self-blame,
I un-freeze the picture and release all the pressure,
Thereby discovering the buried treasure. 

Big Changes Lie Ahead

October 7, 2012

This coming week there are big changes coming. We will be confronted with all the dark stuff inside. It is time to look at your shadows and identify them. Look at your inner child and take it by the hand.


If you do not look at your shadows and decide to ignore them, be careful what comes next. You might become sick or even go into depression. That is neither a good choice nor blaming your parents. We choose our parents when our soul decided to live another life on Earth. We had our plan what kind of experiences we wanted to make in this life.  With birth we forgot about it. So there is nobody to blame for who you are.


The inner dark experience is the source of our outer experience. We create our reality with our thoughts and feelings. The belief makes it so! We created our inner realm. You decided that you want to be here right now. So please take your responsibility and work with yourself and come into peace. As only then you can share peace and unconditional love to make the world a better place!


Take this weekend for internal work and look within yourself. You own your projections and do not blame them unto other people. With blaming you do not get anywhere. Understand the human condition in connection to our planet.


By the effects of geomagnetic anomalies due to the sun flares, we are likely to experience difficult tests. These tests always will return again and again just to see if we have confidence in the higher power and in ourselves and can stay in confidence. We will pass these tests if we allow ourselves to get involved in the process and raise our consciousness. You decide what angle you are taking and how you react to changes, which sometimes seem to be disasters. Every “disaster” has at least 2 sides to look at and often what appears as bad or is even painful, is actually liberation. This is what I have experienced. Do not stick to situations in life that have actually been resolved. Because when you look backwards, you cannot live in the present and then you cannot see what lies ahead of you. The best for you could lie ahead and you will not see it.


To change our world and take responsibility in this rapid changing world, you need to work on yourself! Otherwise your EGO always stands in your way.


The Mantra of this week:

“As I seek my greatest health and wealth, I must dig down deep within myself, Wherein lies the root of all dysfunction, Which when owned, felt, understood and digested, Becomes the medicine for which I have quested.”

This week, after the electrical firestorms of last week will feel quite calm, perhaps blue. It’s a weekend for inward traveling, perhaps to unravel the complexities revealed recently. Find a nice cozy place and perhaps a nice cozy partner to relax, feel, and renew.

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Take 100% responsibility for your life

February 5, 2012

“You must take personal responsibility. You can notice the circumstances, the seasons nor the wind does change, only you yourself can change “~ Jim Rohn

The most widespread myth in modern times is that we firmly believe that we have a right to a great life – that somehow, somewhere, someone (certainly not us) enriches our lives with continual happiness, exciting career, wonderful options and a relaxed family time as well as blissful personal relationships that only exist because we exist. You can do this only if you are actively working for these goals.
Because the truth is that there is only one person is responsible for the quality of your life.

That person is YOU.

If you want to be successful and achieve your goals, you have to take 100% responsibility for everything that happens in your life. This includes your level of performance, the results you produce, the quality of your relationships, your state of health and physical fitness, your income, your debts, your feelings – everything!
Most of us have been conditioned, however, that we blame anyone, anything outside of ourselves for the things in our lives that are not good. We blame our parents, our teachers, our boss, the media, our employees, our partners, the weather, politics or economics. Does blaming change anything in your life? Absolutely nothing, because you always have to remember that only your thoughts are responsible for your reality. And therefore the only thing you need to do, if you want to change something, take responsibility. There is no other way.
I found the following simple formula by Jack Canfield:

E + R= O

Event + Response = Outcome

The idea is that every outcome is determined by the event and the response. It does not matter whether it is success or failure, wealth or poverty, health or sickness, fun or frustration. If you think the result is not good, there are only two possibilities:
First You can give the event the blame for the lack of results.
In other words, you can blame everybody: your spouse, your children, society, your boss, your colleagues, the crisis of politics or the lack of support. These factors are there, no doubt, but if this were the deciding factor never anyone would be successful.

Bill Gates would never have founded Microsoft; Daniel Vettel never won the Grand Prix. Steve Jobs never would have put Apple in place. They certainly have had the same circumstances and become successful anyway. You can join them, if you take responsibility.

Blaming others you set yourself limits. Assigning guilt means that you give up or do not dare to succeed. Many people leave the so-called limiting factors behind them, so it cannot be the factors that limit you. The reasons on the outside are not keeping you away from success, it is always YOU. You limit yourself, because when you put your thoughts and barriers up, you fall into the defending behavior. We defend ourselves even with self-destructive habits (like smoking and drinking) with inexcusable logic.

Analyze your behavior and make a list of positive and negative habits. The next step is to capture the thoughts, which create the negative habits. Only when you change these thoughts, you can reach success.

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