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To reduce stress

April 28, 2013

Only those who manage to bring structures into his/her everyday life,  are thereby reducing negative stress, which is otherwise inevitable.

No structures or chaos bring long term trouble with other family members and also attract disease by itself. Such missing structures lead to lack of punctuality, lack of reliability, excuses and lies, if you have always to justify yourself, no one is willing to understand you to the point anymore.

You really cannot manage time, because you will not get more time. Each of us has 24 hours, 1440 minutes a day.

However, what we can do is to use our time more effectively by giving space-time robbers none of our time.

“Order is the spice of life” is a phrase we have heard very often but reluctantly as teenagers. We have  connected this sentence with a rigid and little spontaneous life. The older we get, we can chaos more and more determine that order is the opposite of chaos. Something new can emerge from chaos. This means, however, that old structures disintegrate.

What do you associate with order?

Order creates reliability and rituals also help us in relating with others , of which we often have too little in our lives and also in coexistence with others.

Controlled processes also create security and reliability. This will create even why we are here: to be happy!

Problems that lead to overload and threatening burnout, can be arise because of:

– Too many appointments,

– Too many things that need to be done,

– Too many contacts,

– Too many impressions,

– Just too much of everything!

This creates shambles and are all potential stressors.

Plan your time

Stress Killers are often trivial, but also very essential. The important things in life are often banal, so we repeatedly run the risk of forgetting it:

– Good relationships

– Good food

– Adequate sleep

– Joy of Life

In our society it is considered cool to have no plan, or at least to pretend so.

But if you want a full and happy life, you need proper structures that make it possible.

The father or the mother who have too many dates and consequently give promises to the children, which can not comply, produce frustration and eventually also a lack of confidence? Does this create a happy life?

Today, many people, even if they live in the relationship, actually are only interested in their own welfare. However, they do not even have the sense of what is good for them.

What do you need to be happy?

You can create structures with To-Do lists that you can create on a weekly and yearly basis. So you cannot only keep track of birthdays, but also plan new projects: training, vacation, new job, relocation, etc.

So you do not forget anything and have a wonderful experience when you have worked and finished something. You should then celebrate this!

Indigo children need respect

April 7, 2013

How can we offer these children a happy and healthy childhood?


Children can learn from responsible adults to take responsibility for their own behaviour. They do not benefit from being blamed for the trauma and stress that result from not being accepted as they are. They need support and not diagnosis and medication! They thrive when adults show that they love and understand them and when their basic childhood needs are met.


Our experience as a child is different, from the experiences these kids have. Therefore we cannot deal with them as our parents have dealt with us. Instead of putting them on drugs and force them to function according to old standards, we certainly can provide alternatives. Ritalin is not a substitute for better schools, creative teaching and parents who spend more time with their children. The number of children that are put on Ritalin increases enormously and we can only imagine what damage is done on these children.  Can we afford to be arrogant and ignorant instead of being open for changes? These children are the adults of the future. Let’s make them fit, rather than destroy them and make them unfit for life.


According to Dr. Mary Ann Block, author of “No More Ritalin: Treating ADHD without drugs” observations, the right brain is stronger in these children. These children are stronger in visual, creative, artistic, physical and geographical perception. Our education system is, however, concentrating on the left brain. This can only go wrong. The children of the new generation will always have problems with that kind of learning. These children have no chance to survive in the current school system. And this is again proof that we urgently need to change our school system.


Block also said that these children tend to be to be the tactile learners. This means that their leading learning system is “doing” rather than “seeing or hearing” and their brains do not easily process visual and auditory information. The children continue to try to learn as best as they can. Due to their tactile learning style, they tend to play with their pencil and poke their neighbours to have contact. However, in the current system they are perceived as intruders or as learning disabled, although they only trying to learn in the manner that works for them. It would be easy to support the tactile learning style that these children can learn. All they need is to touch something and that would be achieved with a soft ball they can knead. Addressing the sense of touch would support their acoustic and visual learning. This can also reduce unacceptable, hyperactive behavior. Because such children often do not listen, it’s easy to call them by name, or to touch them just to get their attention.


More about Indigo Children

April 1, 2013


They are children with new psychological features and thus show new behaviour patterns. To ignore these new patterns, means that this precious life will be damaged and thus only frustrations can arise.


Here are some common patterns of Indigo children:

1. They join us with a sense of their own importance and behave accordingly.

2. They feel that they deserve to be on the world and they are surprised that others do not share this view.

3. Self-esteem is not a problem for these children. They tell their parents and show it quite clearly.

4. It gives them problems with absolute authority – authority which does not offer explanations or choices.

5. They do certain things which have no meaning for them, as for instance lining up in a queue.

6. They are frustrated when systems are run by rituals and do not allow for any creative thinking.

7. They often see better ways of doing things, whether in school or at home. They are then perceived as children who rebel against the existing systems.

8. Indigo Children are therefore often perceived as antisocial unless they are together with their peers. If there are no other persons whose consciousness is not on a similar level, these children often withdraw into themselves and have the feeling that nobody understands them.

9. They do not respond to discipline from feelings of guilt (“Just you wait until your father comes home and finds out what you have done.”).

10. They are not reticent when it comes to voicing their needs.


Have you met children exhibiting this behaviour? During the last century there were Indigo children but not many. However, over the past 40 years, the number of these children has increased enormously. Initially, they were perceived as children as highly intelligent children. This is what parents and teachers can accept much more easily. We certainly need different perspectives and approaches. For in the last 10 to 15 years the number of children of the new generation has increased dramatically. Sometimes it is said that now 100% of the children up to ten years are crystal or Indigo children.


These children, however, are still treated wrongly, because they are simply different, and parents and teachers will be challenged by them. For most parents and teachers it is easier to provide them with the stamp of ADHD and treat them with medication. I cannot bear the harm which is done to these children, just because adults do not want to deal with them. Do those experts really know that they lay hands on our development as a human race? This is one of my reasons for writing this e-book. I want to raise awareness and inform you so that you will help to spread enlightened information and thus we can stop this nonsense.


More Information in my E-Book “2012 – our reality of change” :