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Wounds of Separation

June 10, 2012

If the eclipse and Venus transiting the Sun wasn’t enough for you, welcome Jupiter into Gemini this Monday and Mercury into Cancer!  It is the time to come out from hiding, time to spread your ideas and expand your social horizons.  Take a summer course or signup for yoga retreat or something!  Get out of your comfort zone!

Monday the bird can leave the egg. Just notice where you leave your current life to expand for your goals. If you keep thinking, feeling and doing what you always thought, felt and did, you will never be able to get different results.

Next week is the time of healing the wounds of separation. It is the time to get back into union and relate to the world. Stop separating yourself. Relate to your world and beyond.

Connect with your feelings, your need, your childhood and your emotional connections not only intellectual. So let us connect and share love.

You can see that old structures are cracking: banking systems, politics and social security systems. We are called to set up new structures with a different thinking. ME, ME, ME is past. Cheating people you only cheat yourself! We are called for integrity, love and peace!

When the going gets tough, do what you never would have done before, say what you never would have said before to people you never would have addressed before. Experiment with life like you never have before, go where you have not gone before, and let go of what you thought you needed the most. Through these exercises you will gain greater mastery in shaping the pottery of your life. Find the artist within yourself and you have unlocked the door to infinity! Enjoy the process.

Healing is the topic. In order to heal you need to look at the 96% of your mind which is your unconscious mind. Let’s look at exactly who is guiding your life and who or what drives you, if you allow that force to lead your life. If we are not actively managing our life, then we leave it to our subconscious mind to take the lead. Because when we create our thoughts they are not actively produced by us. It is our subconscious thoughts that come from the rich treasure of the collected thoughts, feelings and experiences. For the subconscious mind these treasures are true. This means that in 96% of the case we think passively.

The subconscious mind has not only significantly more memory, it also has more storage space. Imagine huge shelves, where everything is stored in your subconscious. It takes pleasure in turning on what it already knows. Therefore if you enjoy television, radio, newspapers and novels, that only strengthens the thoughts and attitudes that already exist. The subconscious mind picks out what it already knows and never forgets! The conscious mind is our short term memory. This inner game affects what you do, think and which results you can achieve in your life. If you want to achieve a successful and peaceful life instead of boycotting yourself, you begin to deal with your subconscious and your beliefs.

The best-selling author Napoleon Hill says in his book “Think and Grow Rich”, that it takes the same energy to lead a rich life, as well as living a life in poverty. I hope this gives you a clear picture and you may start to want to know more. You have it in your hand. Just change your life and take responsibility. Leave your comfort zone and start by loving yourself.

This is the beginning to heal yourself!