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Our Future

August 11, 2013

We put our soul trusting in the love in the hands of other people. But no one out there can give us, what we really need. That what we are looking for, we can only find in ourselves. With the decision to love yourself, the most exciting journey of your life starts!

I can confirm this from my experience. We can perceive people differently because we can accept them as they are, as we can now can share unconditional love. There will be no more stereotyped thinking but true encounter.

Precisely this behaviour is important for the future of the next 20 years. Unless we learn to love ourselves unconditionally, we cannot pass on true love. We need to develop respect and recognition as values​​, since the migration is rather increasing than diminishing.

With these values ​​we must urgently treat Mother Earth as well, or hurricanes, earthquakes and floods hit us even more. Fracking for oil and gas will destroy our environment, and we certainly do not want that this planet looks inside like a Swiss cheese.

if we change our purchasing behaviour from globally to regionally and only purchase what we really need, then not only our economy has a chance to survive, but we as consumers, too. We need new technology and energy sources. The change of energy sources also prevents wars.

There will be wars about water and food, too, if we do not change our behaviour and develop values. Greed and inhumane treatment of people have no future or we all have no future!

Sustainability and values ​​are the winners! Let’s start changing NOW!

2012 is coming

December 25, 2011

And an eventful year comes to an end. The banks are supplied continuously with money, which actually does not even exist. Even as it does not exist, the taxpayers have to pay it back. We have known for some time that this system has outlived its usefulness.
“If the world was a bank, you would have saved her long ago,” says Greenpeace to the governments.
Each individual can begin to save the world. Thank the world for the wonderful living conditions that she gives us. Send your energy to the countries and to the places that need more energy just now. This is important, because in 2012 we will experience more floods and earthquakes, because the earth has to clean herself. We can prevent this if we increase the energy in such places.
Each of us is called to live the inner truth that is hidden in everyone since ever.
This starts with the fact that
– You take responsibility for yourself, your thoughts, feelings and your actions.
– You cease to blame others for your misery.
– You stop trying to change others.
– You replaced the word BUT by ANYHOW.
If more people are living with gratitude, increase their energy and be active, we can create a better world.
If we do raise our consciousness we can voluntarily prevent disasters in the interior as well as in the outside world. If we do not raise our energy we will be forced to do so. It is in our hands whether we prevent natural catastrophes or whether we need disasters to grow.
In 20 years, the mere idea to create money out of nothing and to lend money and charge interest for it will be regarded as absurd and corrupt. The manner in which banks and many companies work is not aimed as common good. They must change and meet new paradigms.
You can contribute your share today already to you by dissolving your accounts with the banks, which offer funds that speculate in water and food. There are a few banks that do not speculate in our nourishment.
Throughout the world people are active and demanding democracy. We should be inspired by their courage and their perseverance and support them with positive energy. Light a candle and send your energy to the people of Russia, Syria, Africa, or to all groups of Occupy Wall Street. Commit yourself and send your energy where it is important. You have the options to send energy or be active on the street.
Meditate and ask the angels for their support and inspiration. Work on your fears and blockages so your energy is always pure!
In this sense I wish you Peace and Joy at Christmas and all the strength you need to go through the coming changes.

November 2011 is a very important time

October 30, 2011

This is going to be a great month! The degree of your happiness will be largely dependent upon your ability to open yourself to others and the world. As long as you remain in a state of fear and separation, expending your energy in trying to keep the intruders out, guard yourself (your physical body, possessions, business etc.) then you may run yourself on disaster! You become desperately stressed by situations and people. You cannot control yourself and the situations you are in, and have a miserable time. The other attitude, and what I suggest, is that you get over yourself! Your petty little concerns may seem like such big important issues in the moment. But the moment you open yourself to the forces of evolution acting in your life through these so called “intruders – intrusions” into your overly structured and egoically maintained reality. There are so many chances around you and you will not see them as long as you stay in fear!

Things look disastrous, ignore them or learn to see them as what they are. Only out of chaos something new can be born. We live in a time of big changes and need to grow. When you grow your consciousness you will notice that the old structures are no longer working. Greed and egoism are destroying the economy and human relationships.

We live in a very critical time. But I can assure you, that when you overcome your fear you will find peace in yourself and hear your inner voice. Follow these inspirations as they are connected to the Universal wisdom, the morphogenetic field.

This is a month of huge change in more ways than one. Change that can be celebrated or feared, you have the choice! In the yogic tradition, 11-11-11 marks the actual birth of the Aquarian Age! It is high time to end the old paranoid ways and approaches to life based upon physical, material survival, and be open to a new understanding of the interconnectedness and interdependence. I would like to call it intersupport of all existence.  We are all energy and energy is interconnected and flows. Render yourself to the flow of life! Stop clinging to things or situations that want to change!

As with any new beginning there is necessarily the release or end of the old patterns:

–       relationships,

–       structures,

–       beliefs,

–       ideas.

They have kept us in a state of immaturity…. Now it is time to grow up.

New Sun Activities

February 23, 2011

Between the 13th and the 15th, February 2011 the sun was very active again and send us solar winds. I could notice with some people that they were in situations that required an urgent decision. These are more intense moments of clarification. If we want to raise our consciousness, old things must be clarified, which no longer function. This solar wind reached the Earth due to the distance 2 – 3 days later. I have also noticed that energy boosts.

The activities of the sun ( sun flares) are responsible for many phenomena that affect us directly. The phenomena affect the neuro-physiological and biochemical characteristics of the brain, but also specific diseases. The short-term fluctuations of the magnetic field are also important for a significant increase in depression, headache and heart attacks. On the other hand, there are positive effects, namely increased creativity and telepathic abilities. Scientists were able to prove even that significant literary and musical works were created under magnetic field changes.

However, in addition to the impacts of the magnetic field fluctuations, we must look at the effects of cosmic radiation as well. Our solar system is not in a fixed place, it travels through our galaxy. Currently it is approaching our solar system, a special sphere of influence of our galactic center. The earth is exposed by extreme radiation. We all feel it and can also notice this with what happens right now. Think of earthquakes and all the people waking up in northern Africa. The countdown has begun since a few years. Almost all abnormalities, we can observe at present, whether it concerns the economy, the climate or the psyche, have to do with the changes of the magnetic field, but also with the increased cosmic radiation. We can see, time is getting much more intense. A lot more happens around the world but also in our lives at ever shorter intervals.

Whatever wants or needs to be clarified in your life, just be open and let it happen. It can be painful and it hurts, but it will be a relief as well. Stay in the flow. You have no chance fighting these energies. They support us to raise our consciousness.