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February 17, 2013

An important aspect in our current life is to live on a minimum basis. We really need the least of what we get offered.

Only those who can create space get new energy, in whatever form. We often want this or that, and see no way to get it. Why not? The reason is that our inside and outside is completely cluttered  and nothing new can come to us.

I keep hearing how hard it is to let go. Many people remain in relationships, even though they are beaten or mentally abused, just because the fear of being alone is greater. How sick is that? I do not want to condemn anything, but would love to remind these people l, to respect and to love themselves.

What does it mean for you being alone? Is it just that you do not want to look at yourself and not even take notice? It is certainly easier to project anything onto others than to be with yourself. If you would have seen a different behaviour by your parents and other adults as a child, it would be easier to develop a new paradigm. But there is no reason to leave things as they are.

You can always change your thoughts and feelings at any second. In order to change your attitudes and actions, you have to engage yourself with your subconscious. How this works, I’ll like to show you. Learn how the Universal Laws can be used in daily life.

Now back to our topic . Go through your home and take you in front of every room and every closet and do not forget the garage. If letting go is really hard for you go for one item every day which you have long ignored or used. Then judge if someone else would be happy and give it to the thrift store. Otherwise, throw it in the trash. Separate yourself most importantly of all broken things. Because broken stuff spread negative energy according to Feng Shui. It is also easier to part with them first.

Do you also belong to those people who sit intensely watching television or have  the radio always running?  You clutter your head and you can no longer think clearly. I can see that in many adults and children. Reduce noise pollution at home instantly  and learn to enjoy the silence.

Start to  learn to love yourself and feel comfortable with yourself. Welcome yourself every morning in the mirror and say to you that you love and accept yourself as you are. If you succeed, can you pull on other people, because you no longer need love from the outside, but  you can share unconditional love.

The mantra of this week:

While I love myself,

my world changes.

Everything is much brighter and more free

as I am one with my soul!

Goodbye to Worries and Fear

July 18, 2010

Embrace the changes.

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” JOHN F. KENNEDY, 35th president of the USA

Changes are inevitable. Every second cells and your body are changing. Fighting the changes and the future is one of the biggest problems of today. The people you try to stay, where they are, move towards illness and depression as they are constantly fighting the Universal Laws. And if we watch ore read news there is no day when we read about diseases, suicide and breakdowns. Is that the way you choose? If the Universe kicks you in the ass to move on and you still ignore all signs you get depressive or ill. Is it that what you want?

Why not learn how you can live your life more successful and healthy?

There are two kinds of change – cyclical change and structural change – neither of which you can control.

Cyclical changes are seen in the stock markets, seasonal changes   and most of these changes we accept as a normal part of life.

But there are structural changes as we move on: computer and internet have completely changed our life, how we connect, purchase, get our news or even work. If you start resisting these kind of changes, you can be swept away.

Remember times you resisted a change like moving to a new place,  a job transfer, change of technology, change of management, your daughter going off to college. You had to deal with those changes even you thought it was the worst thing in your life. And if you did not deal with them, did your life improve?

May I invite you to change your mindset and become successful on the outside and inside.   Be happy, healthy, wealthy and loved.

And always remember that it is you who decides which way you go: misery or happiness. Stop the victim inside you and get a different mindset.

These inspirational videos are worth to listen to several times a day to change your self talk. We have 50.000 thoughts every day. Interrupt them and build a new mindset:

Magnet to Money

Join the growing community of inspired people. We need more of them who want to do the quantum leap as well.