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The Sun is active

March 5, 2011

The activities of the sun are responsible for many phenomena that affect us directly. The phenomena affect the neuro-physiological and biochemical characteristics of the brain, but also specific diseases. Short-term fluctuations of the magnetic field are  important for a significant increase in depression and heart attacks. On the other hand, there are positive effects, namely increased creativity and telepathic abilities. Scientists were able to prove even that significant literary and musical works were created under magnetic field changes.

However, in addition to the effect of the magnetic field fluctuations, we must look at the effects of cosmic radiation as well. Our solar system is not fixed in a place, but it travels through our galaxy. Currently our solar system is approaching a special sphere of influence of our galactic centre. The earth is exposed to extreme radiation. We all feel it and can notice many instable and disintegrating situations all over the world. The countdown has begun since a few years. Almost all abnormalities, we can observe at present, whether it concerns the economy, the climate or the psyche, connected both with the changes of the magnetic field, but also with the increased cosmic radiation. We can see, the time is getting intensive. There are happening a lot more things around the world but also in our lives at ever shorter intervals.

There will be more solar winds in future and that forces us to act. Those who still refuse and blame others for what is happening consequently will fall into larger problems. You will become sick, have an accident or go into depression or burnout. You need to understand that we have no more choice than to develop our small-consciousness and grow. Even that in the beginning you will not understand many things, but you can still increase your knowledge and things will fall into places. If you continue learning, you will understand more and more and slowly you are developing even faster.  Because all knowledge is already in us, as we are connected to the morphogenetic field. Your inner voice will help you to increase your understanding.