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Your Purpose

November 4, 2012

Vocation is your lifeĀ“s purpose and the intention with which you are incarnated. To live your purpose brings you on the right track and you are able to live a fulfilled life. Please write down everything which makes your eyes sparkle. That helps you to explore the meaning of your life. What you’ve written down, gives a picture of the road you have to follow. In order to pass this on as an added value, you must have this sense of life and provide it with goals.
What is the meaning of your life?
To grasp the meaning of life, you must begin to heal:
Healing is the acceptance of what you fear most.
– Healing is the opening of what has been locked.
– Healing is the softening what has hardened into a blockade.
– Healing is the acceptance of others, no matter how they are.
– Healing is learning to trust life.
– Healing is to know that I Am.

Healing can happen if you represent a different opinion than your subconscious mind produces. Every coin has two sides so you can also set up other preferences / beliefs. There is always more than one way to look at something. You can always see everything negative: “It does not work anyway!” “Why should I have the luck?” “It’s not for me” or you see it positively: “I can,” “I am happy and deserve to be happy,” “I can achieve anything.”

Dare a paradigm shift:
– What is really relevant for a happy and fulfilling life?
– How can you increase your success in life?
– How do you win the highest level of quality of life?
– What decisions you need to make urgently?

Pease write all the answers down in your book and paint a picture of the goals that appear.
Currently, we are encouraged to let loose of a lot of things / relationships that no longer work. What does not work, should no longer be part of your life. Do not look back and get stuck with things that need and want to go. You cannot see the opportunities that lie before you, because you only look backwards.

Open yourself, be part of the process, to find out who you really are and why you have incarnated at this time and now be involved in the tasks that lie ahead.

Why I’m here now in a time of great change?
1) What was my intention to be incarnated in this time?
2) What is my contribution in this life that enhances the quality of life for all?
3) What is the reason for what I do now, (in all areas of life)
4) What do I want to create and to leave for those who come after me?
5) What does really inspire me?
Write down responses by hand spontaneously and gather them in a folder ..
3 sentences then please rephrase.

“I am the owner of a cafe, because it gives me pleasure to work with people to make them happy and pamper them. They have a break in her busy life and they should enjoy it. Also, I love to create new delicacies. ”
Write down everything that gives you great fun and set up a new list which strengths you have.

Your reality is the product of your thoughts! Use your thoughts consciously to create your purpose!