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What does competition mean for you?

September 25, 2011

There are competitors that have the same or similar products or services that you have also offer. First this is the lowest common factor between you and your colleagues on the marketplace.
It is only competition when you try to be successful by copying your colleagues. Be sure that you will not achieve better results than them.
Market analysis is an important step. To decide what you offer and how you want to set your prices, you need to know what your competitors offer in the marketplace. That is one component only. You need to gather more knowledge so you can develop your “secret weapon”. Sometimes to know a little bit of the private areas of your direct competitors, can be great.
You need to know at what terms they offer, the way the others offer their goods / their service. Then you can create your terms and settings to be different.
– How many competitors are there in your area?
– How potent is your competitor?
– How long and how successful are the others on the market?
Now we come to the customer:
– How do your competitors advertise?
– What do customers expect?
– How often are the clients buying from them?
– How large is the business area?
The most important thing is that you are defining yourself not on price, because then you have lost anyway. You need to have a lot of money you can invest if you want to compete on price!
How can you offer you business differently?
– Who are you?
– What do you sell?
– Why are you in this business?
– What are you doing for your customers?
The important question is how you can be different! What additional services can you offer?
Here’s an example:
The owner of a fabric and wool shop offers her customers to come in with any question. She helps with knitting socks and sweaters as well when there are questions while sewing. With this personal service she has clients who recommend her business.
The same way you can specialize yourself as an employee of a company. It’s not worth anything to go into competition, because you always feel small and incompetent. Everybody has their strengths and weaknesses. Concentrate on your strengths and increase your strength.

Do not waste time and energy in competition. Develop yourself further and stop fighting!

Have your own business as an alternative

September 18, 2011

If you are thinking about throwing your job that makes you sick, you must be willing to start learning again.

In this situation is very important that you do not stay longer in the company, if you have already terminated your job internally. Your boss and colleagues will notice this internal signal and start bullying you. Anyone who is being bullied has already terminated his job internally.

If you dare to start with self-employment, clarify for yourself where your eyes light up. Maybe you had a dream as a child. Many take a job that is recommended as safe. Others live the dream of their parents. What was your dream that you’ve always dreamed as a child?

What is your life´s purpose?

Your purpose is the intention you are incarnated with. Everyone has a life plan, which is implemented in this life. To get some inspiration, please write down everything that makes your eyes sparkle.

So you can explore what is the meaning of your life. What you’ve written down is a picture of what YOU are. In order to implement this as an added value in your business, you must know your purpose of life. When you know your purpose you can provided it with targets.

What is the purpose of my life?

To grasp the meaning of life, you must begin to heal:
– Healing is the acceptance of what you fear most.
– Healing is the opening of what had been locked.
– Healing is the softening what has hardened into a blockade.
– Healing is the acceptance of others, no matter how he or she are.
– Healing is learning to trust life.
– Healing is to know that I Am.

Healing can happen if YOU represent a different opinion than your subconscious mind produces. Every coin has two sides so you can also build up other preferences / beliefs. There is always more than one truth. You can always see everything negative: “It does not work anyway!” “Why should I be lucky?” “It’s not for me!” or you can view it positively: “I can,” “I’m happy and deserve to be happy,” “I can achieve anything.”

To find your niche, you have to come from the general to the special.
The special is defined by the needs of the market. If you find the needs then break it further down to the needs of your customers. Now you not only find your specific niche, but also the core of your product or your service.

Abundant Opportunities

September 11, 2011

“We must learn to understand, what we do not understand.” Dr. Michael König

We live in a time of change. Since more than 5 years Thing which worked then no longer work today. People who take advantage of others are discovered nowadays. Lies are exposed and rulers overthrown. The world is changing rapidly and people become more aware. Who does not change during the crisis and wants to cling to old truths, will perish. The consequence is to be ill or depressed. You will therefore be forced to act. Who does not change will go downhill. We always have a choice. A coin has a t least 2 sides and you have different angles to look at a situation. You always have a choice to think differently.

The number of suicide, burnout and depression are still rising. You do not have to go this way! You have to grow and become more every second.  Everybody has the ability to transform his thoughts.

The changes relate to the external and internal crisis. The external crisis was initiated by the banking crisis, followed by the real estate and economic crisis. Please do not believe any of the claims that the crisis would be behind us. Because if people do not want to change bankruptcies, unemployment, fear and anxiety, burnout, and increasing anger that comes only with incomprehension. Change is the only option we have. The only thing which is stable is change. Look at the nature.

The purest form of insanity is to keep everything the same and at the same time hope that something changes.

You also deny that we live in an ever more exciting time? How do you react to this? Become afraid and worried, because you do not understand what is going on? Please ignore the statements in the media. Things happen in order to awaken us. Wake up and leave your comfort zone. Dare to change whatever needs to be changed. First of all change yourself!

When you move you out of your comfort zone, you will notice things that you have not seen before. How you find your niche is in the next post.

Fear contra the courage taking decisions

September 4, 2011

Which is bigger? Fear to take decisions or the fear of losing security?
What does security mean?  What is still safe? We live in a time of change and the only constant is change.
We are now hardly working as our parents did, more than 30 or even 40 years for one employer. Rarely, we are spared to get a second job, if we continue as an employee, want to enjoy the apparent safety. Often enough we are forced to change our profession because of disease or allergy. Unemployment is another reason to switch jobs.
On the other hand, young graduates are worn put by working 70 hours per week. They earn good money, but have no time to spend it. The family planning cannot take place because there is not enough time to meet a partner and to nurture the relationship. The reality of young physician assistants, young leaders in management and police officers is also very alarming.


Not only working twice as much per week, but on top is the enormous stress which builds up fear of doing something wrong. How long will the joy received in the profession remain?
They are bound to illness and burnout. Burnout is hitting even younger people.


Burnout should be taken seriously. However, should it be a part of professional life? Bullying is often the trigger for burnout. And after burnout bullying comes again because the person is less resilient.
How long will you endure your professional situation? Is it worth the security of retirement? Is it more precious than a happy and healthy life? Those who know what burnout is can no longer simply return to the old rat race. This is however expected from the colleagues and they are easily an outsider in the team.
More and more people stuck in temporary contracts and have little chance of a permanent contract. With The frequent change of companies and locations, they have no chance of a normal family life. In the schools young teachers are on temporary contracts. This means a constant start for teachers and students. Frustration and illness are the answer.
Does this really imply security?
As long as you are looking for securities on the outside, you will not find any security. Security you can only discover and cultivate inside of you.
You only reach real security if you can conquer the fear. Because then you can live in peace with yourself and the world. Only then you will also experience long-term success.


Get to know your fears. Then you’ll find that they rarely have to do something with your life reality. Fear is Mind Cinema! But nevertheless, it determines your life!


Which decision do you need to take urgently??