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Our Future

August 11, 2013

We put our soul trusting in the love in the hands of other people. But no one out there can give us, what we really need. That what we are looking for, we can only find in ourselves. With the decision to love yourself, the most exciting journey of your life starts!

I can confirm this from my experience. We can perceive people differently because we can accept them as they are, as we can now can share unconditional love. There will be no more stereotyped thinking but true encounter.

Precisely this behaviour is important for the future of the next 20 years. Unless we learn to love ourselves unconditionally, we cannot pass on true love. We need to develop respect and recognition as values​​, since the migration is rather increasing than diminishing.

With these values ​​we must urgently treat Mother Earth as well, or hurricanes, earthquakes and floods hit us even more. Fracking for oil and gas will destroy our environment, and we certainly do not want that this planet looks inside like a Swiss cheese.

if we change our purchasing behaviour from globally to regionally and only purchase what we really need, then not only our economy has a chance to survive, but we as consumers, too. We need new technology and energy sources. The change of energy sources also prevents wars.

There will be wars about water and food, too, if we do not change our behaviour and develop values. Greed and inhumane treatment of people have no future or we all have no future!

Sustainability and values ​​are the winners! Let’s start changing NOW!

Indigo children need respect

April 7, 2013

How can we offer these children a happy and healthy childhood?


Children can learn from responsible adults to take responsibility for their own behaviour. They do not benefit from being blamed for the trauma and stress that result from not being accepted as they are. They need support and not diagnosis and medication! They thrive when adults show that they love and understand them and when their basic childhood needs are met.


Our experience as a child is different, from the experiences these kids have. Therefore we cannot deal with them as our parents have dealt with us. Instead of putting them on drugs and force them to function according to old standards, we certainly can provide alternatives. Ritalin is not a substitute for better schools, creative teaching and parents who spend more time with their children. The number of children that are put on Ritalin increases enormously and we can only imagine what damage is done on these children.  Can we afford to be arrogant and ignorant instead of being open for changes? These children are the adults of the future. Let’s make them fit, rather than destroy them and make them unfit for life.


According to Dr. Mary Ann Block, author of “No More Ritalin: Treating ADHD without drugs” observations, the right brain is stronger in these children. These children are stronger in visual, creative, artistic, physical and geographical perception. Our education system is, however, concentrating on the left brain. This can only go wrong. The children of the new generation will always have problems with that kind of learning. These children have no chance to survive in the current school system. And this is again proof that we urgently need to change our school system.


Block also said that these children tend to be to be the tactile learners. This means that their leading learning system is “doing” rather than “seeing or hearing” and their brains do not easily process visual and auditory information. The children continue to try to learn as best as they can. Due to their tactile learning style, they tend to play with their pencil and poke their neighbours to have contact. However, in the current system they are perceived as intruders or as learning disabled, although they only trying to learn in the manner that works for them. It would be easy to support the tactile learning style that these children can learn. All they need is to touch something and that would be achieved with a soft ball they can knead. Addressing the sense of touch would support their acoustic and visual learning. This can also reduce unacceptable, hyperactive behavior. Because such children often do not listen, it’s easy to call them by name, or to touch them just to get their attention.


Gaia needs us!

February 26, 2013

 “You are never alone. You are loved from the heart. “Kyron


The Gaia hypothesis was developed by microbiologist Lynn Margulis and the chemist, biophysicist and physician James Lovelock in the mid-1960s. It says that the earth and its entire biosphere can be considered as a living being, in the sense that the biosphere – the total of all organisms – creates and maintains conditions that allow not only live but also an evolution of more complex organisms. The Earth’s surface is thus a dynamic system that stabilizes the entire biosphere through feedback mechanisms. This hypothesis presupposes a certain definition of life, according to which living organisms are characterized in particular by the ability to self-organization. The name is derived from Gaia, the earth goddess and Great Mother from Greek mythology. From the Gaia hypothesis, the physiology of the Earth (geo physiology) was created.

Because we are connected with the earth and form a unit, we should learn how to make peace with her and live in harmony. Cooperate with Mother Earth and the eternal source, the father of Jesus, God or the Universe! How you call this eternal source is up to you.

With Werner Neuner we can learn more about the healing matrix of the earth. We live in a dream and that dream of Mother Earth is the stage where we can live our lives. Mother Earth gives us the best possible conditions for it. What are we willing to give? This should be at least respect for living Gaia. Why can we still not see that we hurt ourselves with the ultimate exploitation of the earth? It is not the earth that will perish, but it can happen that humanity cannot survive if we do not change our thinking and action.

Mother Earth, our Gaia, calls for a decision from us. She wants our best, i.e. also that the devastating solar flares will not reach the soil if we rethink at last. Gaia still loves us and does not want us to be destroyed. Therefore she asked the sun not to interfere destructively. We have the chance to get out of the fear matrix created by us and return to the healing matrix which rules the earth. We can choose between the fall and a peaceful and harmonious life.

We have free will and are now asked to reconsider. The most important of this is the intention, i.e. knowing why we are here and knowing the task that stands before us now. This requires knowledge that you can only learn in your inner centre with your inner voice. We have the knowledge deep inside us. That is what is important and keeps us grounded. So we can to stay in full trust in our midst.