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The Pressure of Today

July 15, 2012

It is time to reflect, reorganize, re balance, reconsider …. in a time of increasing pressure.

The speed of things happening in your life and surrounding is increasing. Now is the time to look back, review contracts etc. Are your contracts and commitments in the flow or are they holding you back. Please check it out, otherwise you get into the hamster wheel. Look back and find out what is not in the current flow.

We will experience major changes in the next few weeks and months. You want to be prepared and not fall into panic because you are trapped in contracts which might be necessary to be changed or even broken.

This is you task at this time. Look at your life and see where it hurts, stops you from moving on or gives you trouble.

Remember that diamonds are created under pressure. And pressure creates volcanoes and when the come out they create more fertile land.

Now the pressure creates your true self expanding in the collective unconscious. This is the morphogenetic field

We can already see and experience the social fabric of many of our nations start to disintegrate, support systems falter, and financial crisis become more commonplace. Within our personal, family, and social relationships also, the temperature has been rising. This is the time to make changes. Get ready and do not resist the changes. This is the chance of your lifetime. Do not get into fear; just be grateful that we move into a better world.

The collective purpose along with the point of the buildup of all this energy and its inevitable release is a burst in conscious awareness leading to the liberation of suppressed, ignored, and denied human potential.

Speak the truth! When feelings are coming up, overreacting and justifying is coming up. This does not help us to stay in the truth. Overreaction is based on old feelings and experiences. This happened in our early childhood or are even only feelings out mothers had. They are reproduced when somebody clicks the right button.

Keep it at the level of feelings. Tell the other person who triggered the button “when you said that or die that, I felt ….!” Get into the true feelings. You mind will tell you you have the right to feel hurt. But it is only the feelings that are hurt. Come back into your balance when you learn to recognize your feelings. Your partnership got out of balance, but you can bring it back to balance, when you know what hurt your feelings and grow out of it.

Listen to other people. It is a challenging time to listen. Truth hurts, so check where it hurts.

Small becomes big and bog becomes small!!

Learn to say NO or NO MORE.

If you are too big, thinking you are always right, become humble.

If you are too small, it is high time to grow!

These are opportunities to deepen our relationships. Come out of your safety zone and you may get into new relationships.

Stay in your feelings, got to meetings or parties. Be seen and open for new challenges and opportunities.

Mantra of this week

“As I stand in the truth of who I am, I no longer fear to begin once more”

Stay Proactive

May 27, 2012

We moved into the airy sign of Gemini. This is the time to fly like a bird and fly away. Things are going to speed up and shapes are shifting.


Now you need to talk, negotiate, figure out or how to get away with. With whom you need to talk. Are there areas in business where you need to negotiate for better results? Which areas of life need new answers?


We are infinite spiritual beings in a body with an EGO. The Ego is the left brain. It works with contrast: this or that way, black or white etc. The Ego is rational and logical. The counter part is your inner voice which is connected to the ultimate truth. It deals with your spectrum of feelings and connected to your heart and third eye.


Your brain goes yes – no, yes – no …

Your feelings are connected to life. Our mind is limited and confusing. You can talk yourself into anything. It is cut off of true feelings. Learn to listen to your inner voice and trust your gut feelings. I do this since more than a year and just want to inspire you to do the same. Stop listening to a brain which talks bullshit.


Since a few years I always woke up between 3:30am and 4:30am and after 30 minutes, usually went back to sleep. Perhaps like most people you might think of sleep disorders. If so, you could well visit the doctor’s surgery and wind up taking sleeping pills. But far from this! This is the time when the Universe / God try to contact us. Does this sound absurd? Just stay in bed, leave the light off and be open to your inspiration. Try it out! For me, these inspirations are very valuable. Together with my inner voice I lead my life and can stay centered and in peace of mind.

Be open for the expansion of your knowledge and your awareness. It’s just wonderful to see the interconnections which we really live in. You do not live your little, single, individual life; you’re connected to everything even to the far reaches of the galaxy.


Just slow down and express your true self!

Here is your mantra:

“When my mind is in service to my spirit I am not confused or distracted, but totally proactive!”

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