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Take 100% responsibility for your life

November 18, 2012

“You must take personal responsibility. You can view the circumstances, that the seasons or the wind do not change, you can only change you yourself “~ Jim Rohn


The most widespread myth in modern times is that we firmly believe that we have a right to life a great life – that somehow, somewhere, someone (certainly not us) fills our lives with continual happiness, exciting careers, wonderful options, a relaxed family time and blissful personal relationships, just because we exist. This you can only have when you’re working actively to create this reality.

Because the truth is that there is only one person who is responsible for the quality of your life.

This person’s YOU.

If you want to be successful and achieve your goals, you have to take 100% responsibility for everything that happens in your life. That includes the level of your performance, the results that you produce, the quality of your relationships, your state of health and physical fitness, your income, your debts, your feelings – everything!

Most of us have been conditioned, however, to blame somebody or something outside of ourselves for things in our lives that are not good. We blame our parents, our teachers, our boss, the media, our employees, our partners, the weather, politics or economics. Just what does this change in your life? Absolutely nothing, just you always remember that your thoughts are only thing which is responsible for your reality. And therefore you need take responsibility, when you want to change something. There is no other way.


If you take 100% responsibility, you will definitely change the results. Because then you have control over your thoughts, feelings and actions. Unfortunately, most people are stuck firmly in their habits, which will bring no change. We are stuck in our conditioned responses to certain situations. Ask yourself how you see marriage and your role as a parent. This gives you information about habits and responses that you know from your parents. Find your own ideas about life.

We are a bundle of conditioned reflexes that occur outside our control. You must take control by your will and be responsible. You need to control your thoughts, dreams, daydreams, ideas and behavior patterns. Anything you think, say and do, must be intentionally designed with your purpose, your values ​​and match your goals.

Therefore if you do not like the result, you get now, you can only change your response to it. This means also
– Never ever give up
– No more blaming of other people or circumstances.
– No more defense,
– No, BUT, Even Though is rather solution-oriented.

These behavioral changes you can only get when you think actively and say good bye to television, radio and fiction. Be aware that you just give your subconscious mind input which it can acknowledge. Now it’s about to deliver deliberately and actively new reality and new truth to your subconscious mind.



Your Purpose

November 4, 2012

Vocation is your life´s purpose and the intention with which you are incarnated. To live your purpose brings you on the right track and you are able to live a fulfilled life. Please write down everything which makes your eyes sparkle. That helps you to explore the meaning of your life. What you’ve written down, gives a picture of the road you have to follow. In order to pass this on as an added value, you must have this sense of life and provide it with goals.
What is the meaning of your life?
To grasp the meaning of life, you must begin to heal:
Healing is the acceptance of what you fear most.
– Healing is the opening of what has been locked.
– Healing is the softening what has hardened into a blockade.
– Healing is the acceptance of others, no matter how they are.
– Healing is learning to trust life.
– Healing is to know that I Am.

Healing can happen if you represent a different opinion than your subconscious mind produces. Every coin has two sides so you can also set up other preferences / beliefs. There is always more than one way to look at something. You can always see everything negative: “It does not work anyway!” “Why should I have the luck?” “It’s not for me” or you see it positively: “I can,” “I am happy and deserve to be happy,” “I can achieve anything.”

Dare a paradigm shift:
– What is really relevant for a happy and fulfilling life?
– How can you increase your success in life?
– How do you win the highest level of quality of life?
– What decisions you need to make urgently?

Pease write all the answers down in your book and paint a picture of the goals that appear.
Currently, we are encouraged to let loose of a lot of things / relationships that no longer work. What does not work, should no longer be part of your life. Do not look back and get stuck with things that need and want to go. You cannot see the opportunities that lie before you, because you only look backwards.

Open yourself, be part of the process, to find out who you really are and why you have incarnated at this time and now be involved in the tasks that lie ahead.

Why I’m here now in a time of great change?
1) What was my intention to be incarnated in this time?
2) What is my contribution in this life that enhances the quality of life for all?
3) What is the reason for what I do now, (in all areas of life)
4) What do I want to create and to leave for those who come after me?
5) What does really inspire me?
Write down responses by hand spontaneously and gather them in a folder ..
3 sentences then please rephrase.

“I am the owner of a cafe, because it gives me pleasure to work with people to make them happy and pamper them. They have a break in her busy life and they should enjoy it. Also, I love to create new delicacies. ”
Write down everything that gives you great fun and set up a new list which strengths you have.

Your reality is the product of your thoughts! Use your thoughts consciously to create your purpose!

Frozen in fear and worry

October 23, 2011

Even if you’re frozen in fear and worry and have the feeling to be incapacitated, then wake up, please. There is also another truth and for that you need to look behind the facades.
Drag your personal ripcord before you will sink into depression and burnout, or even thinking about suicide. For this is not your truth!
Your truth lies hidden deep within you and has to do with your life purpose and your goals. Because before we incarnate, we have set ourselves targets. Find out what is your purpose in this life.
You can achieve anything if you know what you want and are developing the necessary endurance. You can reach everything, if you work on yourself and also on your business. Increase your knowledge and awareness. Invest in yourself! The best investment in times of change!
We all are part of the creative power of God and with the power of thought we determine our reality. So if you do not like your reality, you have to change your thoughts. Therefore it is important to check your attitudes and beliefs. New ideas are corroborated by aims and the appropriate affirmations. Then new attitudes and habits are developing.
If you freeze in fear and worries, stop to take care of messages in the media, because that’s just one truth, but not your reality! Prefer to read books that will enrich your knowledge and increase your awareness.
We live in changing times and each of us has the chance to change for an active life. Just give yourself the chance to create your life purpose. Give this power not in other preople´s hands and lead a life at second hand. This is what people do, who get their truth by watching television. They look at programs that reinforce their fears and concerns and reaffirm these truths in our subconscious.
It is up to you to lead finally an active life and determine your own purpose. Write your goals and dreams. Make a list of 101 goals, and then choose from this list the 5 most important, on which you want to work on.
In my e-book you find more information about the reality of change:
“2012 – Our Reality of Change” by Angela Schulz-Henke
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You are the creator of your life

February 8, 2011

Which is your purpose of life

“You are the storyteller of your own life, and you can create the legend or not.”
~Isabel Allende

Can you meanwhile understand that you are the one who writes the script for your life? In order to write the best script for your life, you need to know your purpose of life. Have a look what really makes you happy? Is your job making you happy? Or do you need to force yourself to go to work and do what you need to do. I can predict that you are getting sick, get a burnout or be mobbed one day. That is what you attract when you do not love what you do.

When you limit yourself thinking that you will not be able to earn money with what you enjoy doing, you will never live a fulfilled life. There are many niches to set up your own business or work from home. When you found out what it is, look for answers and try to live your purpose. Never give up getting there even if you have to follow some sidetracks and come back to the main road again. You might take up a par time job while you set up your business.

When you have written your script be aware that it will not work on autopilot. And do not stay in the situation that you plan and do not act. Without action you will never reach your goals. When you want to get from New York to London you would make sure that you know how and when to get there and then start your journey. The same happens with your aims. Make sure you that you take action every day. Do not delay and never give up. Be confident in yourself and listen to your inner voice!

When you know your aim set up a time table and create smaller aims which are easier to realize on the journey to your big aim. When you notice something is holding you up, it might be paradigms in your subconscious mind. That might be the time to look for a coach who helps you to find and resolve these paradigms.