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2012 is coming

December 25, 2011

And an eventful year comes to an end. The banks are supplied continuously with money, which actually does not even exist. Even as it does not exist, the taxpayers have to pay it back. We have known for some time that this system has outlived its usefulness.
“If the world was a bank, you would have saved her long ago,” says Greenpeace to the governments.
Each individual can begin to save the world. Thank the world for the wonderful living conditions that she gives us. Send your energy to the countries and to the places that need more energy just now. This is important, because in 2012 we will experience more floods and earthquakes, because the earth has to clean herself. We can prevent this if we increase the energy in such places.
Each of us is called to live the inner truth that is hidden in everyone since ever.
This starts with the fact that
– You take responsibility for yourself, your thoughts, feelings and your actions.
– You cease to blame others for your misery.
– You stop trying to change others.
– You replaced the word BUT by ANYHOW.
If more people are living with gratitude, increase their energy and be active, we can create a better world.
If we do raise our consciousness we can voluntarily prevent disasters in the interior as well as in the outside world. If we do not raise our energy we will be forced to do so. It is in our hands whether we prevent natural catastrophes or whether we need disasters to grow.
In 20 years, the mere idea to create money out of nothing and to lend money and charge interest for it will be regarded as absurd and corrupt. The manner in which banks and many companies work is not aimed as common good. They must change and meet new paradigms.
You can contribute your share today already to you by dissolving your accounts with the banks, which offer funds that speculate in water and food. There are a few banks that do not speculate in our nourishment.
Throughout the world people are active and demanding democracy. We should be inspired by their courage and their perseverance and support them with positive energy. Light a candle and send your energy to the people of Russia, Syria, Africa, or to all groups of Occupy Wall Street. Commit yourself and send your energy where it is important. You have the options to send energy or be active on the street.
Meditate and ask the angels for their support and inspiration. Work on your fears and blockages so your energy is always pure!
In this sense I wish you Peace and Joy at Christmas and all the strength you need to go through the coming changes.

What are Your Chances?

December 18, 2011

“We must learn to understand , what we do not understand.” ~ Dr. Michael King

We live in a time of change. What has still been a valid answer 5 years ago does no longer works today.  People who take advantage of others are  discovered. Lies are exposed and rulers overthrown. The world is changing rapidly and people are more aware.

Who does not change during the crisis and wants to hold on to old truths will perish. These people  will sink into illness or depression. They are forced to act and who does not become active to change his situation, will go further downhill.

We always have the choice to decide anew in each moment and to think differently. And yet, the  numbers of suicides and depression are rising . More and more people go maniac. You do not have to go this way! You have to grow every second, and the ability to transform  are your thoughts.

The changes relate to the external and internal crisis. The external crisis was initiated by the banking crisis, followed by the real estate and economic crisis. Please do not  believe any of the claims that the crisis would be over. Because what follows  in the worst case for those who want no change, is  bankruptcy, unemployment, fear and anxiety, burnout, and more and more anger, which is caused only by lack of understanding.

It is the purest form of madness, to leave everything that matters as it is and simultaneously hope that something changes.
First of all it means not to give any energy to the crises. If we do this, we go into fear. Simultaneously, the crisis will not end as long as most people put their heads in the sand and continue to remain in the solidification.

We are asked to support or to create new concepts and to take our responsibility in any situation .We have create other forms of dealing with each other. Just Be love! And start to love yourself!
Do you also deny that we live in the most exciting time?
How do you react  when you feel the urge to change?
Do you get  into fear and worry, because you do not understand many things, and you ever outgrow the statements in the media? Things happen in order to awaken us. Finally wake up and leave your comfort zone.

Dare to change!

To get out of your personal crises, faith is important that you can manage to leave the crisis behind you. You do have to desire to get out of crisis.
How do you define your crisis?
In what areas of life is your own personal crisis:

–       relationship ,

–       family,

–       job,

–       independence,

–       finances,

–       leisure time,

–       your personality?
Crises force us to act. If we do not become active, we become sick and go even into greater crisis. Never forget, we are forced to rethink and to the changes.

Every crisis is an opportunity hidden!

Fear of change

December 11, 2011

As long as you think only what you have always thought and done, you cannot obtain other results.

Are you afraid of change?
Do you think that all is well, how it is now?
Are you getting in panic when something in your living environment changes?
Do you trust yourself to realize your dreams?
Where do your eyes light up?

What is your bliss?
Write down your answers to these questions in a notebook and work with it! Take it as your chance, because that’s your key to success!
Realities in our lives at the inside and outside show us that we cannot continue as we do. Whether you want to believe it or not, we are on the threshold of a new era.
This is a tension generating aspect that creates the collapse of the old forms of security. However, this can also lead to a new sense of liberation and self-empowerment and new creations. We all have the feeling that the crisis can shake the foundations of the government, banking, commerce and religion, and usher in its demise.
The decline in global economic development will continue to create situations (crises), which is increasingly evident. If no changes are made, or only superficial, cosmetic changes are made, then we will force a fundamental restructuring of the way we govern our societies, financial and religious institutions and children and eventually ourselves. The pace of change will continue to rise and sudden, unexpected, catastrophic events, both natural and man-made kind, the shortcomings of the present system show clearly and openly.

Within our own personal lives the economic climate brings us and other invisible spiritual realities in a situation like in a pressure cooker. We can no longer trust those whom we trusted and have been considered as trustworthy. We even can no longer believe, of what we were told, by the one who knew the answers. More and more we are confronted with the question “Do I stay on this sinking ship and now or is it time to jump off?”

It is a time that brings us deep questions:
– What is really important?
– What is safe?
– What is necessary?
– What is right?
The most difficult part of the answer is that the answers cannot be given since there is no longer an universal truth for everyone, truth must be given individually, which will bring more and more diverse forms of self expression on the planet. Although it may not seem like that we are actually freer than we ever were before.

We can create our own life.
It’s time to play, risk and take the chance to be happy and to practice the transformation of yourself and your life. You have to practice again and again. Without practice there is no change, unfortunately.

When do we start to learn?

December 4, 2011

Scientists are showing us that we start learning when we still are in the womb of our mother. That insight is crucial to all and everything, what we are today, what our stress level and diseases are.

Children of mothers living under a lot of stress while being pregnant are showing diseases like heart problems, diabetes and other diseases in their adult life. Even under nutrition during wars turn into stress. Post dramatic stress of the mothers while being pregnant affects the fetus as well.

On the other hand the baby loves and prefers what the mother was eating during pregnancy. When the mother has drunk a lot of carrot juice, the baby love carrots.

The fetus even recognizes the voice of the mother and the way she speaks. That means we learn then in which society and which language we are born into. Scientists have even found out that the babies in different countries cry according to the sound of that language they heard as a fetus. When a mother watches soaps during pregnancy the baby recognizes the music of that series.

Learning starts when we are a fetus!

Knowing this we can understand a lot more about ourselves. These experiences are stored in the subconscious mind. To understand your thought patterns and problems it is worth to get to know more about the living conditions of your mother while she was pregnant with you. How was the living condition and financial situation of your parents? How was the influence of your grandparents? Were they supportive or just the opposite? What kind of stress did your mother have during that time of pregnancy? All stress hormones are shared with the fetus.

Anyhow knowing that please do not go into the trap that you start to blame your mother or the circumstances.  That holds you back. Our topic these days is to let lose, let go and forgive! Even forgive yourself and then trust in yourself and the Universe, God or whatever you want to call the ultimate source.

If you want children create the best conditions during your pregnancy. Work on yourself and start forgiving whomever you have to forgive. Give the child in your womb the warmth and love it needs.

When you already have children give them the best conditions you can provide: love, warmth and truth. Always be you and never pretend. Just learn to take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Own your power and believe in your capacity!

This week´s mantra: What I believe is possible, is possible!