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Crisis as a time of opportunities

July 26, 2010

Every crisis is a hidden opportunity. The beginning is to accept it as such. Then you should imagine the worst scenario result in mind. Between the opportunity and the worst scenario is a world of possibilities. Ask yourself in each situation – what is the chance here? What chance is to feel it differently, to think, act, or to live differently?

The truth about our present
The information that I give you today is of some importance. We already have entered a new stage of consciousness and because you feel this or even know it, you are here on this call today. Welcome.
Let me give you some information and then we open for questions.
The transformation of global consciousness has already begun. The transformation is taking place in our consciousness and that in us. There is a sense of urgency behind what I’m trying to convey. We live at a critical time in human history. Nothing is hidden anymore (see the secrets of the Catholic Church or corruption stories) and the negative forces seem to take the upper hand. Violence is on the rise and panic is fuelled. More and more people fall into the downward spiral of depression, illness and even suicide.

This is a critical stage of our consciousness. The old stage of consciousness, or better the subconscious, functions no more. This leads to destruction! Old answers no longer fit to new questions. That is why it is so important, that more and more people open up to the new awareness.  Most of the people live in the dark. They live only second hand, i.e. 4 – 6 hours television, newspaper, radio and popular literature. Their consciousness is permanently bombarded by information, which the subconscious receives with joy, because it already knows this, and which will strengthen what is already there.
Like maybe some of you have already heard, our life reality is the result of our thoughts. And the thoughts are based on the paradigms, the beliefs we have stored in our subconscious. There is no room for development. Fears and concerns increase and thus they are in the downward spiral that leads through depression, illness in the self-dissolution. Violence arises when there is no answer and the apparent impotence is felt.

Now, if there is no change in consciousness, humanity will destroy itself!

Goodbye to Worries and Fear

July 18, 2010

Embrace the changes.

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” JOHN F. KENNEDY, 35th president of the USA

Changes are inevitable. Every second cells and your body are changing. Fighting the changes and the future is one of the biggest problems of today. The people you try to stay, where they are, move towards illness and depression as they are constantly fighting the Universal Laws. And if we watch ore read news there is no day when we read about diseases, suicide and breakdowns. Is that the way you choose? If the Universe kicks you in the ass to move on and you still ignore all signs you get depressive or ill. Is it that what you want?

Why not learn how you can live your life more successful and healthy?

There are two kinds of change – cyclical change and structural change – neither of which you can control.

Cyclical changes are seen in the stock markets, seasonal changes   and most of these changes we accept as a normal part of life.

But there are structural changes as we move on: computer and internet have completely changed our life, how we connect, purchase, get our news or even work. If you start resisting these kind of changes, you can be swept away.

Remember times you resisted a change like moving to a new place,  a job transfer, change of technology, change of management, your daughter going off to college. You had to deal with those changes even you thought it was the worst thing in your life. And if you did not deal with them, did your life improve?

May I invite you to change your mindset and become successful on the outside and inside.   Be happy, healthy, wealthy and loved.

And always remember that it is you who decides which way you go: misery or happiness. Stop the victim inside you and get a different mindset.

These inspirational videos are worth to listen to several times a day to change your self talk. We have 50.000 thoughts every day. Interrupt them and build a new mindset:

Magnet to Money

Join the growing community of inspired people. We need more of them who want to do the quantum leap as well.

Success in a time of changes

July 12, 2010

Now is the time for all of us to become free of the fear that has kept us from joy, from creativity, from peace, from the courage to be honest. It is time to do the inspired thing, which is to live our life’s purpose. ~ Joseph Bailey

We live in a time of crisis and a lot of people ask:  “Where are we going to?”

Not so simple to answer as politicians, society, church and economy do not have real good answers. There answers are based on old systems. Right now the old systems are falling apart.

We have old questions and need new answers. There are people who got the answers.

Times of crisis are always times of opportunities. Where are your opportunities? Sometimes right before our eyes, but we do not see the opportunity because we look in the past when we try to stabilize a situation which is ready to collapse, or hold on to a job, relationship etc. which are fragile and disastrous. We become sick or fall into a burn-out or depression.

We are in a time of transformation and we all need to change our viewpoints. There is nothing wrong that old systems fall apart as we cannot continue as we have done the last 40 – 60 years. We have exploited the earth and ourselves. We have lost respect and love. We can make a U-turn.

I can assure you that there is always another door that opens when one is closing. Losing a job or your business, does not mean you are a loser. Take your act together, learn out of the situation and move on. Make up your mind what you want to do next. Where do your eyes start to sparkle? That could be your profession. Find a niche but never ever give up!