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Good to Know

September 30, 2012

I want to share this information with you. Please share it!
Good to know:

– Stinging nettle as a natural spray for the garden.

– Suns cream is harmful to the skin – skin can be adapted without any cream in the sun, carrots support skin.

– Produce natural detergents with Buckeyes (vegetable surfactants).

– With dandelion roots you can make coffee.

– There are no viruses: only conflict and healing within us.

– Vaccination does not protect (not even for 5 minutes) – “planned” mass poisoning.

– Diets: vegetarian, vegan, fruitarians, Pescetarier, flexitarians, freegan, Bioganer, raw food, Breatharian.

– Genetics: genes in resolution, “each cell is a universe unto itself,” see “Biology of Beliefs” by Bruce Lipton.

– Fruit of Soursop can cure cancer.

– Acupuncture can be used successfully in paralysis and heart surgery without anesthesia.

– Tooth decay is curable – between fasting forego sugar, always avoid fluorides (natural toothpaste in the health food store).

– Scalp Acupuncture for stroke.

– BiGu: Chinese, vegan raw food way up to the light, cures diseases.

– Incurable vision – without glasses to old age through eye exercises.

– Microwave is “fatal” – rays destroy the natural structure of the food – no energy value.

– Qi Gong: cures through exercises and Qi Gong Master (joint pain, bone deformities, evidence on cancer cure).

– Alternative to the pill: Yam.

– Build immune system: colloidal silver, sharp food like garlic, onion, chili, etc., and the best raw herb (Echinacea).

– Himalayan salt instead of normal salt: contains 80 minerals, table salt contains about 2 and sometimes toxic iodine and / or fluorides. Sea salt contains traces of heavy metals.

– Fish may also contain heavy metals, as well as drug residues, hormones (birth control pill remnants), etc. We should remember that everything ends up in the sea …

– Alternative to sugar: Stevia – No calorie, 300 times stronger than sugar, protects the teeth, for diabetics. Available as powder or drops, legally approved since 2011.

– There are gluten-free bread and pasta: Gluten in grains causes bloating, nausea and diarrhea.

– Wheat grass juice contains a variety of nutrients, especially vitamin B12, suitable for vegans and vegetarians. In many grasses and leafy green also, why Vitamin B12 is present in relatively small quantities in meat … (Cow eats grass).

– A few weeks of healing fasting heal the body: drug residues are degraded, heavy metals, hormones, etc. Fasting was always been known to heal diseases.

– Natural self build houses with straw bales, clay and wood.

– Establish own communities with more independence and self-sufficiency (power supply), in the village or state (micro nation) to allow new rules for society: (medicinal) plants, legalize and allow immoral experiences, technologies permit, land law, vacant homes, resource based Economic and Monetary Affairs with basic income and without interest,  allow things what other states prohibit.