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Good to Know

September 30, 2012

I want to share this information with you. Please share it!
Good to know:

– Stinging nettle as a natural spray for the garden.

– Suns cream is harmful to the skin – skin can be adapted without any cream in the sun, carrots support skin.

– Produce natural detergents with Buckeyes (vegetable surfactants).

– With dandelion roots you can make coffee.

– There are no viruses: only conflict and healing within us.

– Vaccination does not protect (not even for 5 minutes) – “planned” mass poisoning.

– Diets: vegetarian, vegan, fruitarians, Pescetarier, flexitarians, freegan, Bioganer, raw food, Breatharian.

– Genetics: genes in resolution, “each cell is a universe unto itself,” see “Biology of Beliefs” by Bruce Lipton.

– Fruit of Soursop can cure cancer.

– Acupuncture can be used successfully in paralysis and heart surgery without anesthesia.

– Tooth decay is curable – between fasting forego sugar, always avoid fluorides (natural toothpaste in the health food store).

– Scalp Acupuncture for stroke.

– BiGu: Chinese, vegan raw food way up to the light, cures diseases.

– Incurable vision – without glasses to old age through eye exercises.

– Microwave is “fatal” – rays destroy the natural structure of the food – no energy value.

– Qi Gong: cures through exercises and Qi Gong Master (joint pain, bone deformities, evidence on cancer cure).

– Alternative to the pill: Yam.

– Build immune system: colloidal silver, sharp food like garlic, onion, chili, etc., and the best raw herb (Echinacea).

– Himalayan salt instead of normal salt: contains 80 minerals, table salt contains about 2 and sometimes toxic iodine and / or fluorides. Sea salt contains traces of heavy metals.

– Fish may also contain heavy metals, as well as drug residues, hormones (birth control pill remnants), etc. We should remember that everything ends up in the sea …

– Alternative to sugar: Stevia – No calorie, 300 times stronger than sugar, protects the teeth, for diabetics. Available as powder or drops, legally approved since 2011.

– There are gluten-free bread and pasta: Gluten in grains causes bloating, nausea and diarrhea.

– Wheat grass juice contains a variety of nutrients, especially vitamin B12, suitable for vegans and vegetarians. In many grasses and leafy green also, why Vitamin B12 is present in relatively small quantities in meat … (Cow eats grass).

– A few weeks of healing fasting heal the body: drug residues are degraded, heavy metals, hormones, etc. Fasting was always been known to heal diseases.

– Natural self build houses with straw bales, clay and wood.

– Establish own communities with more independence and self-sufficiency (power supply), in the village or state (micro nation) to allow new rules for society: (medicinal) plants, legalize and allow immoral experiences, technologies permit, land law, vacant homes, resource based Economic and Monetary Affairs with basic income and without interest,  allow things what other states prohibit.


September 22, 2012

This is a good mantra to remember this week as it may be very tempting to say things you will regret later.

This is the perfect Mantra for this week:

“When I learn to change from the inside out

I no longer need to scream and shout, 

At other people to get my way, 

I just tip my hat and say ‘Good day!” 


Today, Saturday, the 22nd of September, 2012 we have equal day and equal night, which means for the northern hemisphere that the night become longer and for the southern hemisphere  the days become longer.


You see there is a shift and shift means transformation. Life is full of transformations, just watch nature! We will have major transformations. It is the end of the old authorities and the birth of an awakened individual perception.


The 21st of December is the end of the Mayan calendar. The Mayans apparently had a deep knowledge of the quality of time. Hence, the 21st December definitely has a deeper meaning. (More information in my book “2012 – Our Reality of Changes” on Amazon)

On December 21st is winter solstice. The current era ends with a striking sun point. The transition to the next dimension we can take for granted. The Mayans have ended the Tzolkin on December 21st, 2012, because they assumed that the change represents an unprecedented, incredibly important event. And we already are in the midst of this process.


At the peak of the 11th solar cycle when the sun flares change its magnetic field the earth will change its magnetic field accordingly. This process is dealing about polarization and tension. If you watch the news you see and feel it. No worries as the clarity and the balancing of the extremes will be more powerful. Our heart is influenced by the magnetic field as well.


The activities of the sun are responsible for many phenomena that affect us directly. The phenomena affect the neuro-physiological and biochemical characteristics of the brain, but also specific diseases. Short-term fluctuations of the magnetic field are as important for a significant increase in depression and heart attacks. On the other hand, there are positive effects, namely increased creativity and telepathic abilities. Scientists were able to prove even that significant literary and musical works were created under magnetic field changes.


However, in addition to the effect of the magnetic field fluctuations, we must look at the effects of cosmic radiation as well. Our solar system is not fixed in a place, but it travels through our galaxy. Currently our solar system is approaching a special sphere of influence of our galactic centre. The earth is exposed to extreme radiation. We all feel it and can notice many instable and disintegrating situations all over the world. The countdown has begun since a few years. Almost all abnormalities, we can observe at present, whether it concerns the economy, the climate or the psyche, are connected with the changes of the magnetic field and also with increased cosmic radiation. We can see that the number of events is increasing. Many more events are occurring around the world and also in our lives and at ever shorter intervals.


As long as you do not honor your inner world, you increase the chaos in the outer world. This is the time for self-awareness and increasing your heart energy.

You need self-awareness in all areas of life:

–      Love and relationships

–      Business or Job

–      Commerce

–      Economic Stability

Remember that nothing is permanent. Change is very deep right now. Leave your comfort zone and your past behavior and attitudes. You have to start to trust yourself first. Become YOU and not what was put upon you by parents, school and bosses.

Everything changes as you change inside!

September 16, 2012

Shine Bright

Often for many, fear and trepidation are provoked by what dwells in the unknown space of darkness.  It is as if there is something waiting to swallow us up and reshape us into something, hopefully not ugly…


Oh, how we avoid what is often so rewarding, what is so essential, and what is inevitably unavoidable – the transformation.


There is an invitation upon the winds of celestial influences now, inviting us to shift like the new season upon us, and fall like the diminishing light, like the falling leaves, into a slower, and more internal process of self-renewal.  This is an invitation to exhale deeply into gratitude for this opportunity to be held in the dark night, where it is a time to rest and to replenish your body and spirit. The dark offers us the support to go under, to go unconscious and travel through other worlds, often unknown to us in our waking moments, yet wherever we were, in some way comes out with us.  And we are offered time to renew and revive our energies, so that we can creatively shine by the light of the Sun.

When you are half awake in the early morning around 4:30am, please do not get up nor put the lights on. This is the time where the inspirations come. I love it and my life is easier since I follow my inspiration and gut feelings. You will remember these inspirations when you get up in the morning. Write them down and implement them that very day in your life.


There is too much caution – if you are too much thinking and taking too much time fixed on certain details, it is to the expense of not moving on.  The shadow is judgment, criticism, and a narrow-minded view point.  A healthier way of analyzing is to look at circumstances in the perspective of not trying to define what is right and what is wrong, but focusing on considering what is more needed or necessary in the moment vs. what is unnecessary or unneeded in that moment.


It’s time to come out of ourselves a bit and interrelate.  The inner need is moved by a desire to relate, make connections and understand what is going on outside of ourselves now.  Our deep feelings are provoked and the carnal desire within to understand and get in touch with some deep questions like:

What are your boundaries?

What is it that defines you?

How are you different from the other?

What supports you?

What is the foundation of your life built from?


Then ask Why?  And today the questions are a quizzical exploration upon – my personal experience – in relationship to – your personal experience.   A play of objectiveness/ subjectiveness is on the stage today.


This is your Mantra for this week:

“Life surrenders to Death. From Death is born New Life. The Dark is forever waiting to swallow up the light. As my time here is undermined, I use it to shine bright – like fire walks in the night!”

Be aware of yourself

September 9, 2012

The challenge could actually be to manifest as being torn between having fun and having too much work!  Your consciousness wants to go out and jump but your sub- consciousness might just say “Not until you get ALL your work done!”  Hence the mantra is about finding the balance.


Will you find the balance in your life? It is not easy as you might have a lot of work and still you feel you need to slow down. Give yourself the allowance to step out and party or allow romance. Turn the love light on and start to share abundant love by starting to love yourself.


Then go one step deeper and find out what you are really passionate about. Be dynamic and experience your adaptability and communication. You will find tension when you want to get things and feelings from others. This means you have the power to love yourself, be grateful for what happens in your life. This may be the sunshine, the flowers in the neighbor’s garden or the smile of the person you meet on the way to work.

Now we have reached Virgo and the Virgo signs want everything perfect and they love to control.  But be sure if you are getting to big things slow down. Be aware how big your piece of the cake is! Do not overeat, overtalk and overwork! Instead get out and enjoy yourself and recharge your batteries.


Be aware of your feelings and needs. In times of change we all need time for ourselves. Make sure you give yourself time for meditation or a walk in nature. It could be your time out to take a relaxing bath. Just find out what is the best to slow down.


I am firmly convinced that we cannot continue with our present consciousness any longer. It keeps us where we are right now and on the other side the cosmic forces challenge us and support us to raise our consciousness. It is therefore quite obvious that we must move forward, this is already clearly visible. It is a wonderful experience; if you can you engage in it. You do not have to stay where you are right now, you always can change any second to chart a new path and evolve. Just now you even receive the support of the entire universe. The only thing stopping you might be your fears and worries. Do not let fear and anxiety continue ruling your life. Always remember that you are the master who is responsible and runs your life.


Start with taking responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions!


This is your Mantra:

Life is breathing in and out, sitting still within then jumping to shout.  As I value both with equal measure, I guarantee a brighter future!”

You Path

Stop ignoring the change

September 2, 2012

There are more and more indicatives that we are in the major shift of consciousness!

Look around you and you notice that the old structures are dissolving.  It is 5 minutes to 12 and we are called to be active.

Within the next 18 months you should Walk your Talk. Make it happen and your dreams get real! Do you know your dreams and aims? Did you ever write them down?

Sun and Earth

Now is the time to manage your resources effectively and bring to manifestation whatever you desire! You have to deal with money, resources and the Earth.

Our Earth is changing and we have to change with her. The Earth is in turmoil because we humans exploit and abuse her and did show a lack of respect for Mother Earth during the last centuries. Once, when we decided to live on earth, we were full of love and enthusiasm for this beautiful planet. Then we were taught to subdue the earth. Meanwhile we have reached a point where we have more problems than solutions. This we experienced with the disaster of March 2011, Fukushima and the problems still continue.


Now, however, we still have little time to change and have the chance to live our life more consciously. We can change together with the earth and there is no need to be afraid. Venus, Sun, Mars and Jupiter are active. They help us to wake up, to raise our consciousness so that we realize and change our attitude towards our Mother Earth and perceive her as living being. She is going through a planetary incarnation, emotions, and a planetary development plan. This development plan is more complex than that of human beings. However, we have the chance of a lifetime to move forward in the history of humanity to raise our consciousness and to live from the heart. This means listening to your inner voice and in this way you will follow your heart.


You are a part of everything you see and you have the opportunity to live in harmony with creation.  Unfortunately what is happening at present is that humans are trying to tamper with our planet without realizing what the outcomes could be.


Watching what happens is no longer working. I you try to be passive you will be forced to get active. Do not fall into misery and believe that others are responsible for where you are right now.


Our Planet is highly worthy and spiritual to be respected by her inhabitants. My, My, My is over. Now it is WE! Believe that you are part of the infinite source we call God, Universe, Allah etc. And as you are part of it you have the power to create things. Your thoughts create your reality! Take responsibility for your Thought, Feelings and Actions as it is You and not somebody else who creates Your Reality!!


Merge spirit and matter. This is the powerful time to get over you. Now we are here to share. Move out into the WE and step out of your daily realities. It is time to research.


Here is your Mantra:

 “It is time to let go of my petty concern.

Time to bow down, listen and learn.

To feel my body, my instinctive longing and

unite with the other to continue evolving”!