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Gaia needs us!

February 26, 2013

 “You are never alone. You are loved from the heart. “Kyron


The Gaia hypothesis was developed by microbiologist Lynn Margulis and the chemist, biophysicist and physician James Lovelock in the mid-1960s. It says that the earth and its entire biosphere can be considered as a living being, in the sense that the biosphere – the total of all organisms – creates and maintains conditions that allow not only live but also an evolution of more complex organisms. The Earth’s surface is thus a dynamic system that stabilizes the entire biosphere through feedback mechanisms. This hypothesis presupposes a certain definition of life, according to which living organisms are characterized in particular by the ability to self-organization. The name is derived from Gaia, the earth goddess and Great Mother from Greek mythology. From the Gaia hypothesis, the physiology of the Earth (geo physiology) was created.

Because we are connected with the earth and form a unit, we should learn how to make peace with her and live in harmony. Cooperate with Mother Earth and the eternal source, the father of Jesus, God or the Universe! How you call this eternal source is up to you.

With Werner Neuner we can learn more about the healing matrix of the earth. We live in a dream and that dream of Mother Earth is the stage where we can live our lives. Mother Earth gives us the best possible conditions for it. What are we willing to give? This should be at least respect for living Gaia. Why can we still not see that we hurt ourselves with the ultimate exploitation of the earth? It is not the earth that will perish, but it can happen that humanity cannot survive if we do not change our thinking and action.

Mother Earth, our Gaia, calls for a decision from us. She wants our best, i.e. also that the devastating solar flares will not reach the soil if we rethink at last. Gaia still loves us and does not want us to be destroyed. Therefore she asked the sun not to interfere destructively. We have the chance to get out of the fear matrix created by us and return to the healing matrix which rules the earth. We can choose between the fall and a peaceful and harmonious life.

We have free will and are now asked to reconsider. The most important of this is the intention, i.e. knowing why we are here and knowing the task that stands before us now. This requires knowledge that you can only learn in your inner centre with your inner voice. We have the knowledge deep inside us. That is what is important and keeps us grounded. So we can to stay in full trust in our midst.



February 17, 2013

An important aspect in our current life is to live on a minimum basis. We really need the least of what we get offered.

Only those who can create space get new energy, in whatever form. We often want this or that, and see no way to get it. Why not? The reason is that our inside and outside is completely cluttered  and nothing new can come to us.

I keep hearing how hard it is to let go. Many people remain in relationships, even though they are beaten or mentally abused, just because the fear of being alone is greater. How sick is that? I do not want to condemn anything, but would love to remind these people l, to respect and to love themselves.

What does it mean for you being alone? Is it just that you do not want to look at yourself and not even take notice? It is certainly easier to project anything onto others than to be with yourself. If you would have seen a different behaviour by your parents and other adults as a child, it would be easier to develop a new paradigm. But there is no reason to leave things as they are.

You can always change your thoughts and feelings at any second. In order to change your attitudes and actions, you have to engage yourself with your subconscious. How this works, I’ll like to show you. Learn how the Universal Laws can be used in daily life.

Now back to our topic . Go through your home and take you in front of every room and every closet and do not forget the garage. If letting go is really hard for you go for one item every day which you have long ignored or used. Then judge if someone else would be happy and give it to the thrift store. Otherwise, throw it in the trash. Separate yourself most importantly of all broken things. Because broken stuff spread negative energy according to Feng Shui. It is also easier to part with them first.

Do you also belong to those people who sit intensely watching television or have  the radio always running?  You clutter your head and you can no longer think clearly. I can see that in many adults and children. Reduce noise pollution at home instantly  and learn to enjoy the silence.

Start to  learn to love yourself and feel comfortable with yourself. Welcome yourself every morning in the mirror and say to you that you love and accept yourself as you are. If you succeed, can you pull on other people, because you no longer need love from the outside, but  you can share unconditional love.

The mantra of this week:

While I love myself,

my world changes.

Everything is much brighter and more free

as I am one with my soul!


February 9, 2013

This weekend, practice the big “C” (Compassion) starting with yourself! When we chill out and take it easy on ourselves we can take it easy on each other and they, in turn, will respond in kind! The New Moon in Aquarius on Saturday offers us the opportunity to untangle and taking it all so personally and the beginning of seeing life events as just the events that happen and we go on.

You might get impulsive in your thinking and speaking. The same time it is a great opportunity to break through into spiritual Nirvana. You might get in mood to send out emails, network or meet people. You may get spaced out. Try not to get into addiction.

It can be a very healing time if you do not get carried away. Breathe deeply into your belly to settle in your body or in the upper chest to lift you up. Just depends what you need.

It is a great time for writing down your dreams. Stay centred and avoid getting into the rat race. Do not suppress your feelings as now you can see deeper into your issues which you can finish or release.

Take the chances of this enlightening weekend which can bring up clearance and separation. Do not take things personally, no guilt or blaming yourself. Stop with the “I am not…” nor blame others. Get into the bigger picture and deal with your early childhood. From the time in the womb till the age of 7 is your formative time. Your subconscious mind swallowed all thoughts and feelings of your parents like a sponge.

You might feel that you did not get enough love from your parents and now you look for it in your partner. Your intense feelings of need he or she might have as well. The feelings of need harden yourself: “I do not allow that someone hurts me anymore, therefore it is better to live as a single.” Then your partner doesn’t feel needed nor loved.

By rejecting your natural needs you cut off your life forth.  Now it is time to soften and forgive yourself. Relax, breathe and soften. Look at the bigger picture and become aware what you are and what you can become when you start softening.

Whenever you define or diagnose something/ someone you get stuck in the situation. Do not jump on conclusions that prevent you and your partner from changes. Stop blaming and start to love yourself!

This is the Mantra of this week:

When I allow the world and myself to change,
Letting go of the guilt and all the self-blame,
I un-freeze the picture and release all the pressure,
Thereby discovering the buried treasure. 

Law of Attraction

February 3, 2013

It’s getting better all the time! This is the time to lighten up, break a smile and face the future!  Use the Law of Attraction!


The next two weeks will be full of changes like a flowing river. Do not resist the changes and always remember that if one door closes and you let it close, another one or two other doors are opening.


It is time to expand your horizon and dare to leave your comfort zone! Enhance your knowledge and get together with other people. Set up a project or join others in their project.


The spirit takes over and the little Ego has no space anymore. It is about non-attachment. This does not mean detachment and run away. Break free and liberate yourself in a positive way.


Do not get into “do not change” feelings as you only get into battles and conflicts. Reflections about what is mine and what is yours are getting you in trouble. We are tested how badly we want this partner, this business etc. Please do not overreact.


Gather and research for new information, but do not get into battles with others. Use the information to change your reality and take that into action. Move forward, make plans and look into the future from a non-attached perspective. During the next 2 week you will have the clarity for your new plans.


The more you free yourself and shift your believes, the better you can move with the Law of Attraction instead of the Law of Repulsion. Go in the new direction because it is your calling. Listen for your call and notice the inspirations you get. Your inner voice will guide you! Write down 101 goals what you want to be, have and give. Then screen them for 3 major aims and get active. The 101 aims you put into an envelope and seal it with the date in 3 years. After 3 years when you will open it, you might wonder what has come into reality by then.


From this place of stillness we can see the future! Freely step up, out and into a new space both internally and in the outer world. Time to re-invent yourself!

The time is flying so fast! Take action!


This week’s Mantra:


Beyond the pain of losses and the joy brought on by gains,
There is a knowing in my soul that always will remain.
It beckons me ever onward toward a higher plane,
Where infinite serenity and Love forever reign.