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New Sun Activities

February 23, 2011

Between the 13th and the 15th, February 2011 the sun was very active again and send us solar winds. I could notice with some people that they were in situations that required an urgent decision. These are more intense moments of clarification. If we want to raise our consciousness, old things must be clarified, which no longer function. This solar wind reached the Earth due to the distance 2 – 3 days later. I have also noticed that energy boosts.

The activities of the sun ( sun flares) are responsible for many phenomena that affect us directly. The phenomena affect the neuro-physiological and biochemical characteristics of the brain, but also specific diseases. The short-term fluctuations of the magnetic field are also important for a significant increase in depression, headache and heart attacks. On the other hand, there are positive effects, namely increased creativity and telepathic abilities. Scientists were able to prove even that significant literary and musical works were created under magnetic field changes.

However, in addition to the impacts of the magnetic field fluctuations, we must look at the effects of cosmic radiation as well. Our solar system is not in a fixed place, it travels through our galaxy. Currently it is approaching our solar system, a special sphere of influence of our galactic center. The earth is exposed by extreme radiation. We all feel it and can also notice this with what happens right now. Think of earthquakes and all the people waking up in northern Africa. The countdown has begun since a few years. Almost all abnormalities, we can observe at present, whether it concerns the economy, the climate or the psyche, have to do with the changes of the magnetic field, but also with the increased cosmic radiation. We can see, time is getting much more intense. A lot more happens around the world but also in our lives at ever shorter intervals.

Whatever wants or needs to be clarified in your life, just be open and let it happen. It can be painful and it hurts, but it will be a relief as well. Stay in the flow. You have no chance fighting these energies. They support us to raise our consciousness.

You are the creator of your life

February 8, 2011

Which is your purpose of life

“You are the storyteller of your own life, and you can create the legend or not.”
~Isabel Allende

Can you meanwhile understand that you are the one who writes the script for your life? In order to write the best script for your life, you need to know your purpose of life. Have a look what really makes you happy? Is your job making you happy? Or do you need to force yourself to go to work and do what you need to do. I can predict that you are getting sick, get a burnout or be mobbed one day. That is what you attract when you do not love what you do.

When you limit yourself thinking that you will not be able to earn money with what you enjoy doing, you will never live a fulfilled life. There are many niches to set up your own business or work from home. When you found out what it is, look for answers and try to live your purpose. Never give up getting there even if you have to follow some sidetracks and come back to the main road again. You might take up a par time job while you set up your business.

When you have written your script be aware that it will not work on autopilot. And do not stay in the situation that you plan and do not act. Without action you will never reach your goals. When you want to get from New York to London you would make sure that you know how and when to get there and then start your journey. The same happens with your aims. Make sure you that you take action every day. Do not delay and never give up. Be confident in yourself and listen to your inner voice!

When you know your aim set up a time table and create smaller aims which are easier to realize on the journey to your big aim. When you notice something is holding you up, it might be paradigms in your subconscious mind. That might be the time to look for a coach who helps you to find and resolve these paradigms.