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Time of Love

March 9, 2013

On 6 June 2012 the last intense event occurred when Venus – Earth and the sun are in one line. This will influence our paradigm (blockages) resolution immensely. Do not hold on to established partnerships which want to be resolved, that do not work anymore. It’s no longer about finding the soul mate. First of all we have to love ourselves first, because only then will we be able to live in unconditional love. We were always taught that we should not love ourselves, because self-love was identified as egoism. Therefore, we must now learn to accept not only our bodies but to love ourselves deeply. Then we are one with ourselves and able to love all people. It means to stop condemning others, for we are all of the same energy and interconnected. Everyone has their own learning goals in life. Therefore we cannot ask people to change for our sake. As they are responsible for their life, we are only responsible for our life. We can create a field of peace on earth only by the unconditional love and that will also end the war against Mother Earth.

As already mentioned, we’re right there at the time of change, a time of expansion of consciousness. This is the time of love. We must learn again to live in communities. This also means that we must open ourselves to the people to whom we give our unconditional love. Say goodbye, to talk about my husband and my wife. Who wants to possess love, will not obtain love. When two people meet who have never learned to love themselves, how can two love-hungry people exchange love? They expect only and have nothing to give. Only when we learn to love ourselves, we can stop the love dramas in our life. For between love and possession is a big difference. By the misguided love image we have created a global battlefield – which shows up in our private life, too.

In our hearts we, however, continue to be yearning for fulfilling love. What happens to two people who think they love each other, when they get married? The building or buying a house leads them directly into lifelong commitments, and the rat race is inevitable, and the problems take their course. Both are caught in the machinery of the generally accepted social system, but the deep desire never goes away completely. However, that scenario which is reality for most people increases the tension that will eventually be broken by one of two partners: divorce, illness or burnout.

Only through a changed love image we will be able to experience peace inside and outside. As long as we are busy with our claims of ownership (my house, my land, my car, my family, my business, and other state symbols), we are in war against us and Gaia.

Live from your Heart, with Love!

Venus is the Sister of Our Planet

March 3, 2013



Deeds of love bring peace into your life and the world.” ~ Dr. Lee Jampolsky


Venus is with an average solar distance of 108 million km the second inner planet and with a diameter of 12,100 km the third smallest planet in the solar system. It is one of the four terrestrial planets, which are also known as terrestrial or rocky planets.

Venus orbits with a minimum distance of 38 million km. It is almost the same size as Earth. It differs from the Earth in terms of geology and with regard to its environment.

After the moon, Venus is the brightest natural object in the twilight or night sky.  Venus as one of the bottom planets is the best seen in the morning or evening but never around midnight.  It is called the morning star and evening star. It can also be well observed during the daytime, even with small telescopes – and often even by the eye.

Venus is constantly glowing dark red (barely perceptible to humans). Due to the very high temperatures there is no water. The relief is mainly dominated by gently rolling plains. With relatively low level differences of less than a thousand meters it matches the global average level, and therefore it has many similarities to the Earth.

Parallel to the sun, Venus is active. According to Werner Neuner, Venus is the big sister of our Mother Earth. It helps Gaia (the primal Greek goddess of the Earth) with the heartache she has with us humans. Venus sends plasma eruptions that touch the earth.

In the scripts of the Mayans, Venus has always played a major role. Werner Neuner has done searches on the relationship between Earth and Venus, and came directly to the five-star, the pentagram, the golden section and the basic structure of all life, the sacred geometry. The five-star results from the course of the Earth and Venus around the Sun and its planetary conjunctions these two links. These conjunctions are rarely very distinctive. The terms of this are Venus transits.

Venus transits are astronomical events of the century. In such an event the sun, Venus and Earth are exactly aligned. If there is a Venus transit it will occur exactly 8 years after the previous one. The first Venus Transit occurred on June 8th, 2004 and so the next was on 6th. June 2012.

Since the Venus transit of 2004, we know that such an event has a huge impact on the emotional state of human beings. We can say that on December 21, 2012 three planets were connected and provide cosmic forces which will be very important for the earth.

They are:

–       The Centre of our galaxy, Hunab Ku.

–       The Sun, as the central star of our suns system.

–       The Venus, as the planet next to Earth.

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Transformation is needed

January 20, 2013


 What we love and appreciate in relationships, love and money are our values, our sense of self worth. It is not what we get from other people. We are asked for intense transformation which only can be done within ourselves. Detach from the outside world and get in touch with your soul!


We are triggered and we trigger other persons. The issues are about money and financial security. Either you get a pay rise or get fired. In any case you get new impulses. It is time for lots of conversations. Do not avoid them as you may get valuable information. Be sure that if one door closes at least 2 more doors open, but only if you let the first door close.


In business you can get too much input. But do not worry. This is the time to thrive your business. Love what you do and be creative. Try not to get hectic. You do not need to talk immediately or take an instant decision. Sleep over it and always take a deep breath first. Avoid to be driven by outside forces.


It is time to reflect and look for long-term solutions. Do not spur the moment. Whatever looks unstable, leave it and do not overreact. Chill out, slow down your stimulances like caffeine or cigarettes.


Just try not to get too swept away with all the action and make rash moves/comments/actions. Take time to relax and enjoy each moment!


We are now in the times of Aquarius which is the inventor and visionary and stands for non attachment  We are in the best time for business. The more we unite with collective aims the better it is.  What we need right now is commitment, perseverance and endurance! Then and only then you can succeed!


Our relationships are just mirroring our feelings and shortcomings! Build your acceptance and love. Detach from who you  are and what you want. Just look inside and listen to your inner voice!


Before the patriarchy we had matriarchy. As we now just entered the 5th dimension we are called to balance these energies like yin and yang. Men and women have both male and female energy. If we manage to balance both parts, we can live in a peaceful and just wonder-full world.


Your Mantra for this week:

“Now’s the time to change,
The way I live and love,
Time to go within,
And see I’m now old enough,
To accept the Other as they are,
And not project my stuff!”



Change on a Mastery Level

January 6, 2013

The Changes we are facing during the next 3 to 4 years are on a mastery level.

Be the change you want to see and always be kind to yourself!

People feel the disorientation. A lot of things are happening in an always shorter period of time. There is instability which confuses a lot of people. In a situation like this we have to be kind to ourselves. This kindness is forgiving yourself, love yourself deeply,  meditate, take time out or just go for a walk in nature. Connect yourself with Mother Earth! This will make you feel like coming home from a war. Connect to your higher self!

Till the end of 2014 it will stay unstable and we will have an intense time of changes! You can only find the stability in yourself. We are facing this time because we just finished a cycle of 26.000 years on the 21st of December 2012. Now we are at the very beginning of a new cycle, a huge transition, leading us into the Aquarian time or we can call it as well the 5th dimension.

In the 5th dimension our mind does not play the big role anymore. Listen to your feelings and inner voice.

This is a time of separation, obstacles and irritations. Banks, spouses and parents etc say No. You can get angry, down and out! You may feel punished by the government, by the banks or your spouse. Is the war over? Where is stability and comfort? You can only create stability and comfort in yourself with self care and a deep look inside for love and support!

Stop judging yourself : no more shame and anger! And if somebody says No to you, stop saying no to that person. People shut down, close their doors and stop telling the truth. Withholding works like a dam which is stopping the water from flowing. For you it works like a blockage and stops your energy from flowing. This leads to sickness.

Where do you want to go? Connect with your soul level. Do not retreat, keep asking even it is humiliating. Keep on asking, loving and trying. This is work on deep issues about your body, soul and sex. If you feel punished, it is not about right or wrong. We have to master these deep issues. This means going deep and if you have not started yet to find your deep blockages, get active now. Look for a coach who can support you!

This is extreme revelation, bringing clarity into reality! Where do you want to go?

This is your Mantra:

“I will not withhold my fears,
I will not withhold my tears,
I will continue to expose, 
So all may see and know, 
That the battle is over and done, 
When we all surrender and unite as one.”

Re-emergence of the feminine

December 30, 2012


The end of the this year, like the end of an old paradigm, brings with it a time of deep contemplation. What worked, what didn’t, and why? The future is born out of the past with a dash of what we add in the moment. May each moment and every decision bring you closer to knowing Love.


This is the end of the male reality. We no longer need fenced in properties nor control of everything. Controlling everything and everyone has brought a lot of fear and the imagined enemies are a reason for even more control. Let us stop this madness right now! Instead of fences and control we should use confidence and love. These are the feminine qualities of life.


It is not about what is out there: job, house, car or spouse. These are prestige qualities. Human qualities come from within!


It is from inside out! This is the end of separation. Love is our connection to people, earth, stars and the Universe/God/Allah or whatever you call that unique source we are all connected to. Even religions are no longer important as we are all energy and ONE. We are all unique and equal! it is time to bring back trust, love, respect and peace. You all are here to set up a different world.


Now our activities should set up situation where we have to meet certain people. Be free and listen to your inner voice. It will guide you to meet the people who are important for you! Trust your inner self.


Trust your internal heart experience. You only evolve through growing. Set up your goals which are bigger than your current reality. Our reality is the result of our thoughts. Therefore get out of your comfort zone and let your consciousness grow!


Write down 101 goals related to what you want to be, have and share with the world!


If we want to change our world we need new hope and visions! Only then we can stop the madness of banks and politics! Get together with like minded people and be active! The aim should not be for money, but for love!!! Add the right ingredients for the future in every moment! Always act with love and peace from your heart!


This is your Mantra for this week and the change of the year:

“With bold determination I rise to the occasion. 
My strength lies in knowing,
That within my heart is growing,
A deeper understanding,
Of what it means to love.”

New Beginning

December 23, 2012

The new beginning started with the New Moon on the 13th, December. And the 21st brought us to the new cycle of 26.000 years, the 5th dimension.


And it certainly is not the end as humans have always survived. This is the time of the truth as a natural law. Just observe what is going on. Big banks are scrutinized and people are getting on the streets to demonstrate for their rights.


It is now the time to step out of the box. Your inner reality takes over the outer reality. Your inner voice leads you on the right path. It helps you to tap into your soul’s intention.


Live your life with peace and love in your heart!


Merry and Peaceful Christmas and a wonder-full New Year!

What happens 2012/12/21

December 16, 2012

“Infinite Love is the only truth – everything else is an illusion!” ~ David Icke

Today I want to share this video with you

Watch it carefully and to not fall in the trap of fear! Share infinite love and raise your consciousness!

Those who raise their consciousness will survive to create a new world!