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July 6, 2013


It is best to ask, what does motivate you  basically. Think and  look  into activities or things that make you happy. There’s definitely something into which you put all your energy. It does not need to be a professional matter that inspires you. What comes spontaneously to your mind with this question?

What does motivate you?

Ideally, one should not think about great motivators. Only if you want a career change but have not yet found the starting point, you need to answer these questions and to work out your motivation step by step.

The following questions need to be answered:

*  Which challenges and tasks give you the bliss?

*  In which environment and intellectual and emotional climate would you prefer to work?

*  With what kind of people would you preferably work together?

*  On which knowledge base you would most likely  be active?

*  What kind of things you want to deal with primarily?

*  What are your short-, medium-and long-term motivation you have and what results are     most important for you and why?

What challenges and tasks give you the bliss?

Possible areas of responsibility are not only in people, data, ideas and product-related areas, but also in the four major core areas of trade and technology, sales and management, humanities and natural sciences as well as in the artistic and creative. Where do you see yourself (multiple answers possible)? Supplement and clarify those areas – in which you want to engage…

In what environment and intellectual and emotional climate in which you would prefer to work?

Familiarize your thinking where you want to live. Write your previous residence down, and think about what you liked there, what was good and what bothered you. Ideally the current residence is identical to your property of choice. However, you should take the trouble to list the pros and cons.

Indigo children need respect

April 7, 2013

How can we offer these children a happy and healthy childhood?


Children can learn from responsible adults to take responsibility for their own behaviour. They do not benefit from being blamed for the trauma and stress that result from not being accepted as they are. They need support and not diagnosis and medication! They thrive when adults show that they love and understand them and when their basic childhood needs are met.


Our experience as a child is different, from the experiences these kids have. Therefore we cannot deal with them as our parents have dealt with us. Instead of putting them on drugs and force them to function according to old standards, we certainly can provide alternatives. Ritalin is not a substitute for better schools, creative teaching and parents who spend more time with their children. The number of children that are put on Ritalin increases enormously and we can only imagine what damage is done on these children.  Can we afford to be arrogant and ignorant instead of being open for changes? These children are the adults of the future. Let’s make them fit, rather than destroy them and make them unfit for life.


According to Dr. Mary Ann Block, author of “No More Ritalin: Treating ADHD without drugs” observations, the right brain is stronger in these children. These children are stronger in visual, creative, artistic, physical and geographical perception. Our education system is, however, concentrating on the left brain. This can only go wrong. The children of the new generation will always have problems with that kind of learning. These children have no chance to survive in the current school system. And this is again proof that we urgently need to change our school system.


Block also said that these children tend to be to be the tactile learners. This means that their leading learning system is “doing” rather than “seeing or hearing” and their brains do not easily process visual and auditory information. The children continue to try to learn as best as they can. Due to their tactile learning style, they tend to play with their pencil and poke their neighbours to have contact. However, in the current system they are perceived as intruders or as learning disabled, although they only trying to learn in the manner that works for them. It would be easy to support the tactile learning style that these children can learn. All they need is to touch something and that would be achieved with a soft ball they can knead. Addressing the sense of touch would support their acoustic and visual learning. This can also reduce unacceptable, hyperactive behavior. Because such children often do not listen, it’s easy to call them by name, or to touch them just to get their attention.


Law of Attraction

February 3, 2013

It’s getting better all the time! This is the time to lighten up, break a smile and face the future!  Use the Law of Attraction!


The next two weeks will be full of changes like a flowing river. Do not resist the changes and always remember that if one door closes and you let it close, another one or two other doors are opening.


It is time to expand your horizon and dare to leave your comfort zone! Enhance your knowledge and get together with other people. Set up a project or join others in their project.


The spirit takes over and the little Ego has no space anymore. It is about non-attachment. This does not mean detachment and run away. Break free and liberate yourself in a positive way.


Do not get into “do not change” feelings as you only get into battles and conflicts. Reflections about what is mine and what is yours are getting you in trouble. We are tested how badly we want this partner, this business etc. Please do not overreact.


Gather and research for new information, but do not get into battles with others. Use the information to change your reality and take that into action. Move forward, make plans and look into the future from a non-attached perspective. During the next 2 week you will have the clarity for your new plans.


The more you free yourself and shift your believes, the better you can move with the Law of Attraction instead of the Law of Repulsion. Go in the new direction because it is your calling. Listen for your call and notice the inspirations you get. Your inner voice will guide you! Write down 101 goals what you want to be, have and give. Then screen them for 3 major aims and get active. The 101 aims you put into an envelope and seal it with the date in 3 years. After 3 years when you will open it, you might wonder what has come into reality by then.


From this place of stillness we can see the future! Freely step up, out and into a new space both internally and in the outer world. Time to re-invent yourself!

The time is flying so fast! Take action!


This week’s Mantra:


Beyond the pain of losses and the joy brought on by gains,
There is a knowing in my soul that always will remain.
It beckons me ever onward toward a higher plane,
Where infinite serenity and Love forever reign.

End of Patriarchy

January 14, 2013

The topic right now is business and duty!

In this content it is more important to leave the me, me, mine behind you! That means to check which way you receive your personal fulfillment  Is it from your outside or your inside. True fulfillment can only be gained from the inside. Belongings like cars, house and clothes stand for the outside. True fulfillment from the inside can be you loving yourself, a smile from somebody you cross your way or the embrace of a good friend.

It is the end of patriarchy which stands for the exclusion of everything else. Here the self and the me comes first and has to be served first in any instant.  Now we are moving into the matriarchy, the age of Aquarius or the 5th Dimension. Here the inside and the you plays the big role. The most important things we need to take care of are our Mother Earth, our children and our soul. Create something amazing for the future generation as well as on a personal level. Get in touch with your inner energy which is connected to the higher self. Transmute to a true social being. Our children do not need course number 4 or 5. They need you and your embrace, time and feelings. Yes even to set goals and borders are important. Help your child to grow to become a social being.

We talk about unconditional love. Venus stands for this new kind of love. You can only share unconditional love when you accept and love yourself. Say goodbye to old patterns and set up your goals. Work with affirmations.

Whatever happens now. You are not getting punished. It is now the time to set up new rules for our society. Big social changes will happen as most of the public institutions, banks and businesses do not have an answer to the new queries. We can notice that in a lot of areas in our life, things are not working anymore.

This could be an answer, but beside you have to work with your inner self, your soul? What is your soul’s purpose? Why are you here at the time of change. We just entered a new period of 26.000 years.


This is the Mantra of this week:

“The Sun sets over the mountain

closing another day.

I feel my heart mourning

the loss of its embrace

But before long the Moon sings her song.”

Change on a Mastery Level

January 6, 2013

The Changes we are facing during the next 3 to 4 years are on a mastery level.

Be the change you want to see and always be kind to yourself!

People feel the disorientation. A lot of things are happening in an always shorter period of time. There is instability which confuses a lot of people. In a situation like this we have to be kind to ourselves. This kindness is forgiving yourself, love yourself deeply,  meditate, take time out or just go for a walk in nature. Connect yourself with Mother Earth! This will make you feel like coming home from a war. Connect to your higher self!

Till the end of 2014 it will stay unstable and we will have an intense time of changes! You can only find the stability in yourself. We are facing this time because we just finished a cycle of 26.000 years on the 21st of December 2012. Now we are at the very beginning of a new cycle, a huge transition, leading us into the Aquarian time or we can call it as well the 5th dimension.

In the 5th dimension our mind does not play the big role anymore. Listen to your feelings and inner voice.

This is a time of separation, obstacles and irritations. Banks, spouses and parents etc say No. You can get angry, down and out! You may feel punished by the government, by the banks or your spouse. Is the war over? Where is stability and comfort? You can only create stability and comfort in yourself with self care and a deep look inside for love and support!

Stop judging yourself : no more shame and anger! And if somebody says No to you, stop saying no to that person. People shut down, close their doors and stop telling the truth. Withholding works like a dam which is stopping the water from flowing. For you it works like a blockage and stops your energy from flowing. This leads to sickness.

Where do you want to go? Connect with your soul level. Do not retreat, keep asking even it is humiliating. Keep on asking, loving and trying. This is work on deep issues about your body, soul and sex. If you feel punished, it is not about right or wrong. We have to master these deep issues. This means going deep and if you have not started yet to find your deep blockages, get active now. Look for a coach who can support you!

This is extreme revelation, bringing clarity into reality! Where do you want to go?

This is your Mantra:

“I will not withhold my fears,
I will not withhold my tears,
I will continue to expose, 
So all may see and know, 
That the battle is over and done, 
When we all surrender and unite as one.”

Take 100% responsibility for your life

November 18, 2012

“You must take personal responsibility. You can view the circumstances, that the seasons or the wind do not change, you can only change you yourself “~ Jim Rohn


The most widespread myth in modern times is that we firmly believe that we have a right to life a great life – that somehow, somewhere, someone (certainly not us) fills our lives with continual happiness, exciting careers, wonderful options, a relaxed family time and blissful personal relationships, just because we exist. This you can only have when you’re working actively to create this reality.

Because the truth is that there is only one person who is responsible for the quality of your life.

This person’s YOU.

If you want to be successful and achieve your goals, you have to take 100% responsibility for everything that happens in your life. That includes the level of your performance, the results that you produce, the quality of your relationships, your state of health and physical fitness, your income, your debts, your feelings – everything!

Most of us have been conditioned, however, to blame somebody or something outside of ourselves for things in our lives that are not good. We blame our parents, our teachers, our boss, the media, our employees, our partners, the weather, politics or economics. Just what does this change in your life? Absolutely nothing, just you always remember that your thoughts are only thing which is responsible for your reality. And therefore you need take responsibility, when you want to change something. There is no other way.


If you take 100% responsibility, you will definitely change the results. Because then you have control over your thoughts, feelings and actions. Unfortunately, most people are stuck firmly in their habits, which will bring no change. We are stuck in our conditioned responses to certain situations. Ask yourself how you see marriage and your role as a parent. This gives you information about habits and responses that you know from your parents. Find your own ideas about life.

We are a bundle of conditioned reflexes that occur outside our control. You must take control by your will and be responsible. You need to control your thoughts, dreams, daydreams, ideas and behavior patterns. Anything you think, say and do, must be intentionally designed with your purpose, your values ​​and match your goals.

Therefore if you do not like the result, you get now, you can only change your response to it. This means also
– Never ever give up
– No more blaming of other people or circumstances.
– No more defense,
– No, BUT, Even Though is rather solution-oriented.

These behavioral changes you can only get when you think actively and say good bye to television, radio and fiction. Be aware that you just give your subconscious mind input which it can acknowledge. Now it’s about to deliver deliberately and actively new reality and new truth to your subconscious mind.



New ways of relating

October 30, 2012

Now we need to recreate our lives to meet with the current needs and intentions of a Life plan that is larger than we are capable to comprehend in this moment. Always remember that everything is made of the same energy and therefore we are connected with everything that is existing in this Universe.


Many are still wiping the dust out of their eyes, trying to regain some clarity of what on Earth is going on here! You might find yourself spun around in a completely opposite direction to where you thought you were heading to.  New ways of feeling, seeing, and being come in, and along with that, the necessity to let go of prior plans and intentions that no longer have a place in the current picture.


This is the time of dissolution. If you are brave enough you see that a lot of old structures need to go. They are no longer valid in these changing times. We have to set up new structures and there are already many groups and organization working on these new ways of living together.

To be able to create new structures we need to overcome our Ego and finally work on relating with each other. Not only with each other. We need to find a new relationship with Mother Earth as well. She is in turmoil which the East coast of America is just experiencing.


In this process, much of what we have held on to and know as familiar is simply falling away as no longer useful, necessary, or needed.  We have to adapt and adjust at a rate way faster than any of us have ever experienced, and few are actually feeling totally prepared for.  However, this is the point – we are in preparation. We have gone through much initiation; we have shown that we are willing and able to work for our freedom and our Peace.  Now as we go through this concluding stage before the opening we have this final time to work on relating. Time has come to learn through the process of relationship. We are each other’s keepers, and we are here to guide, assist, and honor each other through this major transitional stage.   Letting go, letting go, letting go… is the mantra.


And, the practice is welcoming in what has now come into awareness, and breathing into comfortably adapting to a whole new way of living.  There is great joy, happiness, and freedom within – ready for more of the breath of life to come into and feed the flourishing, abundant nature of that way of being.  Breathe this in…and exhale this out.


And as many are aware, the following month holds the infamous date of the end of the Mayan Calendar – December 21st, which is understood by many to be “The Beginning” of a new phase of existence.  The birthing of new ways of existing has been powerfully moving in for quite some time now, and many are completely aware of this powerful presence upon us. We are in preparation.


There is a great diversity of perspective, and all our realities are colored by this varying degree. To accept this and flow with it is so essential in attempting to be in harmonious relationships.


This time is crucial to be used as a period to really let go, release the old, and clear space for welcoming in more of what is true and necessary for your life and those in your life.


May we all have the support, guidance, courage, and desire to reach deep within to our most true and essential self, where we can feel our own love for ourselves, each other and Life!  And, then may we all walk in touch with this most creative and abundant source.