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Our Future

August 11, 2013

We put our soul trusting in the love in the hands of other people. But no one out there can give us, what we really need. That what we are looking for, we can only find in ourselves. With the decision to love yourself, the most exciting journey of your life starts!

I can confirm this from my experience. We can perceive people differently because we can accept them as they are, as we can now can share unconditional love. There will be no more stereotyped thinking but true encounter.

Precisely this behaviour is important for the future of the next 20 years. Unless we learn to love ourselves unconditionally, we cannot pass on true love. We need to develop respect and recognition as values​​, since the migration is rather increasing than diminishing.

With these values ​​we must urgently treat Mother Earth as well, or hurricanes, earthquakes and floods hit us even more. Fracking for oil and gas will destroy our environment, and we certainly do not want that this planet looks inside like a Swiss cheese.

if we change our purchasing behaviour from globally to regionally and only purchase what we really need, then not only our economy has a chance to survive, but we as consumers, too. We need new technology and energy sources. The change of energy sources also prevents wars.

There will be wars about water and food, too, if we do not change our behaviour and develop values. Greed and inhumane treatment of people have no future or we all have no future!

Sustainability and values ​​are the winners! Let’s start changing NOW!



February 17, 2013

An important aspect in our current life is to live on a minimum basis. We really need the least of what we get offered.

Only those who can create space get new energy, in whatever form. We often want this or that, and see no way to get it. Why not? The reason is that our inside and outside is completely cluttered  and nothing new can come to us.

I keep hearing how hard it is to let go. Many people remain in relationships, even though they are beaten or mentally abused, just because the fear of being alone is greater. How sick is that? I do not want to condemn anything, but would love to remind these people l, to respect and to love themselves.

What does it mean for you being alone? Is it just that you do not want to look at yourself and not even take notice? It is certainly easier to project anything onto others than to be with yourself. If you would have seen a different behaviour by your parents and other adults as a child, it would be easier to develop a new paradigm. But there is no reason to leave things as they are.

You can always change your thoughts and feelings at any second. In order to change your attitudes and actions, you have to engage yourself with your subconscious. How this works, I’ll like to show you. Learn how the Universal Laws can be used in daily life.

Now back to our topic . Go through your home and take you in front of every room and every closet and do not forget the garage. If letting go is really hard for you go for one item every day which you have long ignored or used. Then judge if someone else would be happy and give it to the thrift store. Otherwise, throw it in the trash. Separate yourself most importantly of all broken things. Because broken stuff spread negative energy according to Feng Shui. It is also easier to part with them first.

Do you also belong to those people who sit intensely watching television or have  the radio always running?  You clutter your head and you can no longer think clearly. I can see that in many adults and children. Reduce noise pollution at home instantly  and learn to enjoy the silence.

Start to  learn to love yourself and feel comfortable with yourself. Welcome yourself every morning in the mirror and say to you that you love and accept yourself as you are. If you succeed, can you pull on other people, because you no longer need love from the outside, but  you can share unconditional love.

The mantra of this week:

While I love myself,

my world changes.

Everything is much brighter and more free

as I am one with my soul!

Miracles can happen

July 31, 2011

Miracles happen when we love ourselves and are then able to give unconditional love.

When you love yourself deeper every day you are opening up for a juicy life. What is a juicy life? Get our and meet people. Experience yourself as a loving being in connection with people you meet. They will notice that you are different. You will talk and treat people differently when you are able to express unconditional love. It also means to be open for opportunities you have not seen yet. The Universe is abundant and loving yourself means to connect to this abundance. Then miracles can happen!

Unconditional means without conditions. Remember that you put labels on people: they are ugly, lazy, noisy, arrogant, not cooperating, foreigners, handicapped or even old. You do not need these labels anymore. Love without conditions does not need them.  You will stop blaming others as you realize that only you can change your life. And it is so easy. Be the I AM and you can even forget your own restriction:

–       I am not worth it

–       This is not for me

–       I am stupid

–       I am too fat

These are your paradigms, which you can change as well.

Here is a powerful mantra:

I am Love, I am Joy, I am Health and I am Abundance

The I am is very powerful and repeating that mantra aloud again and again, it will change your energy.

This is FREEDOM as well. You can be You and not the person your parents , your spouse or boss is expecting. Be you and you have so much more to give that everybody will love you as you are.

There is so much more to experience in this world of change. Please start loving and respecting our planet as well. If we want to survive we have to cooperate and stop exploiting our Mother Earth.

The solar flares are increasing their power and on day it will hurt us because we missed  to change ourselves. The time of change forces us to do so.
More on this subject in my book “2012 – Our reality of change” on

2011 – The Year of Venus

January 20, 2011

The year we just entered is the year of Venus and it brings us harmony, if we can let our prejudices and paradigms go.

I know that today´s topic is controversial for a lot of my readers. In the Venus year we are confronted with our love topics. It is our firm belief that if we have a lover, partner, wife or spouse we own their love and that we are the only one they are allowed to love. The second topic is that we lost our love for Mother Earth.

As long as we expect exclusive love and see our wife or husband as our possession, there cannot be real and unconditional love! How did we get the idea, that we can possess love? That is what we were told by the Gods of the churches. They even told us to exploit the earth as a subject. Mother Earth is alive as we are alive. Why on earth do we think that can work for us? Can`t we see in our surrounding that it is absolutely contradictive? There are so many divorces and unhappy families and people. Do never forget that your children learn from how you live your life. Your prejudices and paradigms will be theirs and they then can only copy your life.

As long as we keep these paradigms we will be unable to give and receive love! That is the truth! But in this year with the energy of Venus we have the chance to change for unconditional love! Start with loving yourself and accept that you can only receive love but never possess it!

Why is peace connected with love

January 9, 2011

We’re right there at the time of changes – the time of consciousness expansion. This is the time  of love. We must learn again to live in communities. And I am addressing to all singles, to be open to the partner whom they can give  their unconditional love. We should move away from talking about my husband or my wife. As who wants to own love, will never obtain love.
Usually two people meet who do not love themselves. You expect love from the partner. How can this work if both partners are in expectations and  have nothing to give?
Begin with loving  yourself. Tell yourself each morning and evening looking in the mirror “I love you , your name, and I wish you a wonderful day / one good night.” Smile at yourself with love. Repeat it and make it a ritual, even if it is initially difficult. Treat yourself nicely and you will be able to give as well as receive. But forget about expecting LOVE. Be aware about your picture of love !

You are lovable and why are we told not love ourselves? Your aura will change. Because if we learn to love ourselves, we can stop all the love dramas, as we then we are able to love unconditionally, without  any expectations.

Between love and possession is a huge difference. By the misguided love image we have created a global battlefield – both inside and outside.
Only with a changed image of love peace can grow. Help to create more peace!