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September 16, 2012

Shine Bright

Often for many, fear and trepidation are provoked by what dwells in the unknown space of darkness.  It is as if there is something waiting to swallow us up and reshape us into something, hopefully not ugly…


Oh, how we avoid what is often so rewarding, what is so essential, and what is inevitably unavoidable – the transformation.


There is an invitation upon the winds of celestial influences now, inviting us to shift like the new season upon us, and fall like the diminishing light, like the falling leaves, into a slower, and more internal process of self-renewal.  This is an invitation to exhale deeply into gratitude for this opportunity to be held in the dark night, where it is a time to rest and to replenish your body and spirit. The dark offers us the support to go under, to go unconscious and travel through other worlds, often unknown to us in our waking moments, yet wherever we were, in some way comes out with us.  And we are offered time to renew and revive our energies, so that we can creatively shine by the light of the Sun.

When you are half awake in the early morning around 4:30am, please do not get up nor put the lights on. This is the time where the inspirations come. I love it and my life is easier since I follow my inspiration and gut feelings. You will remember these inspirations when you get up in the morning. Write them down and implement them that very day in your life.


There is too much caution – if you are too much thinking and taking too much time fixed on certain details, it is to the expense of not moving on.  The shadow is judgment, criticism, and a narrow-minded view point.  A healthier way of analyzing is to look at circumstances in the perspective of not trying to define what is right and what is wrong, but focusing on considering what is more needed or necessary in the moment vs. what is unnecessary or unneeded in that moment.


It’s time to come out of ourselves a bit and interrelate.  The inner need is moved by a desire to relate, make connections and understand what is going on outside of ourselves now.  Our deep feelings are provoked and the carnal desire within to understand and get in touch with some deep questions like:

What are your boundaries?

What is it that defines you?

How are you different from the other?

What supports you?

What is the foundation of your life built from?


Then ask Why?  And today the questions are a quizzical exploration upon – my personal experience – in relationship to – your personal experience.   A play of objectiveness/ subjectiveness is on the stage today.


This is your Mantra for this week:

“Life surrenders to Death. From Death is born New Life. The Dark is forever waiting to swallow up the light. As my time here is undermined, I use it to shine bright – like fire walks in the night!”

Stay Proactive

May 27, 2012

We moved into the airy sign of Gemini. This is the time to fly like a bird and fly away. Things are going to speed up and shapes are shifting.


Now you need to talk, negotiate, figure out or how to get away with. With whom you need to talk. Are there areas in business where you need to negotiate for better results? Which areas of life need new answers?


We are infinite spiritual beings in a body with an EGO. The Ego is the left brain. It works with contrast: this or that way, black or white etc. The Ego is rational and logical. The counter part is your inner voice which is connected to the ultimate truth. It deals with your spectrum of feelings and connected to your heart and third eye.


Your brain goes yes – no, yes – no …

Your feelings are connected to life. Our mind is limited and confusing. You can talk yourself into anything. It is cut off of true feelings. Learn to listen to your inner voice and trust your gut feelings. I do this since more than a year and just want to inspire you to do the same. Stop listening to a brain which talks bullshit.


Since a few years I always woke up between 3:30am and 4:30am and after 30 minutes, usually went back to sleep. Perhaps like most people you might think of sleep disorders. If so, you could well visit the doctor’s surgery and wind up taking sleeping pills. But far from this! This is the time when the Universe / God try to contact us. Does this sound absurd? Just stay in bed, leave the light off and be open to your inspiration. Try it out! For me, these inspirations are very valuable. Together with my inner voice I lead my life and can stay centered and in peace of mind.

Be open for the expansion of your knowledge and your awareness. It’s just wonderful to see the interconnections which we really live in. You do not live your little, single, individual life; you’re connected to everything even to the far reaches of the galaxy.


Just slow down and express your true self!

Here is your mantra:

“When my mind is in service to my spirit I am not confused or distracted, but totally proactive!”

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2012 is coming

December 25, 2011

And an eventful year comes to an end. The banks are supplied continuously with money, which actually does not even exist. Even as it does not exist, the taxpayers have to pay it back. We have known for some time that this system has outlived its usefulness.
“If the world was a bank, you would have saved her long ago,” says Greenpeace to the governments.
Each individual can begin to save the world. Thank the world for the wonderful living conditions that she gives us. Send your energy to the countries and to the places that need more energy just now. This is important, because in 2012 we will experience more floods and earthquakes, because the earth has to clean herself. We can prevent this if we increase the energy in such places.
Each of us is called to live the inner truth that is hidden in everyone since ever.
This starts with the fact that
– You take responsibility for yourself, your thoughts, feelings and your actions.
– You cease to blame others for your misery.
– You stop trying to change others.
– You replaced the word BUT by ANYHOW.
If more people are living with gratitude, increase their energy and be active, we can create a better world.
If we do raise our consciousness we can voluntarily prevent disasters in the interior as well as in the outside world. If we do not raise our energy we will be forced to do so. It is in our hands whether we prevent natural catastrophes or whether we need disasters to grow.
In 20 years, the mere idea to create money out of nothing and to lend money and charge interest for it will be regarded as absurd and corrupt. The manner in which banks and many companies work is not aimed as common good. They must change and meet new paradigms.
You can contribute your share today already to you by dissolving your accounts with the banks, which offer funds that speculate in water and food. There are a few banks that do not speculate in our nourishment.
Throughout the world people are active and demanding democracy. We should be inspired by their courage and their perseverance and support them with positive energy. Light a candle and send your energy to the people of Russia, Syria, Africa, or to all groups of Occupy Wall Street. Commit yourself and send your energy where it is important. You have the options to send energy or be active on the street.
Meditate and ask the angels for their support and inspiration. Work on your fears and blockages so your energy is always pure!
In this sense I wish you Peace and Joy at Christmas and all the strength you need to go through the coming changes.

What is the Purpose of my Life?

June 12, 2011

Healing is embracing what you fear most.
Healing is the opening of what was previously closed.
Healing is the softening of what was hardened to a blockade.
Healing is the acceptance of others, no matter how they are.
Healing is learning to trust life.
Healing is to know that I am.
Healing can happen if you take a different view. Every coin has two sides. I can always look at everything only negative: “It will work out anyway! ” “Why should I be lucky?”, “It’s not for me!”
Dare a paradigm shift:
– What is really relevant to live a happy and fulfilling life?
– How to increase your success in life?
– How do you win a maximum of quality of life?
– What decisions do you need to take urgently?

Currently, we are encouraged massively to say goodbye to things / relationships that no longer function and are therefore no longer part of our lives. Do not look back and hold on things which need to go. Thus you will not see the opportunities that lie before you.
Open yourself, become part of the process to find out who you really are and why you did incarnate to be here right now.

Why I’m here – just in the time of great changes?
1) What is my purpose to be incarnated at this time?
2) What is my contribution in this life that increases the quality of life for everybody?
3) What is the reason for what I do right now (in all areas of life)
4) What do I want to leave to those who come after me?
5) What inspires me?
I wish you much fun on your way to find out your purpose of this life!