Leave the Ego behind you

This weekend is special for us as 2012 is a very powerful year for the development of our consciousness.

We have just developed 10% of our brain. Now the synopsis of our brain will be rewired. Sound very strange to most of you. You will notice that you cannot talk as fast as you can think.

This is the time that we have been waiting for, and we are the ones to bring in a totally new consciousness to 3rd dimensional, physical, planet earth. This new consciousness is the conscious acceptance of UNION, our union with not only each other but with all existence. This consciousness begins with the dismantling of separation consciousness which has existed for 1000’s of years and is the consciousness we have all grown up within. We have to leave the Ego of separation behind us and move into the WE of love. Live from your heart.

The dismantling of separation consciousness begins with a rebalancing of the masculine and feminine energies within. We have graduated from the school of individualization which was a necessary step in human evolution so that we could take this next step of conscious reunion standing for LOVE. The old (and not-so-old) relationship rules no longer apply. It is time to accept that we need each other, are intra-dependent, not co-dependent, and can maintain our individuality while being one with another in blissful intimate partnership!  Are you ready?

This huge shift of consciousness requires simply that we accept that this change has, is, and will continue to grow stronger within human nature. That men and women no longer need to be threatened by each other, but accept that we need each other and that this need is not a weakness, is not something to be ashamed of, hide, or fear. It is time to stop blaming and shaming each other as we are truly shaming and blaming ourselves. It is time to recognize and feel the pain caused by this separation consciousness so that we can heal past wounds and co-create a new future of unity consciousness.


Enjoy this weekend!

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