Have your own business as an alternative

If you are thinking about throwing your job that makes you sick, you must be willing to start learning again.

In this situation is very important that you do not stay longer in the company, if you have already terminated your job internally. Your boss and colleagues will notice this internal signal and start bullying you. Anyone who is being bullied has already terminated his job internally.

If you dare to start with self-employment, clarify for yourself where your eyes light up. Maybe you had a dream as a child. Many take a job that is recommended as safe. Others live the dream of their parents. What was your dream that you’ve always dreamed as a child?

What is your life´s purpose?

Your purpose is the intention you are incarnated with. Everyone has a life plan, which is implemented in this life. To get some inspiration, please write down everything that makes your eyes sparkle.

So you can explore what is the meaning of your life. What you’ve written down is a picture of what YOU are. In order to implement this as an added value in your business, you must know your purpose of life. When you know your purpose you can provided it with targets.

What is the purpose of my life?

To grasp the meaning of life, you must begin to heal:
– Healing is the acceptance of what you fear most.
– Healing is the opening of what had been locked.
– Healing is the softening what has hardened into a blockade.
– Healing is the acceptance of others, no matter how he or she are.
– Healing is learning to trust life.
– Healing is to know that I Am.

Healing can happen if YOU represent a different opinion than your subconscious mind produces. Every coin has two sides so you can also build up other preferences / beliefs. There is always more than one truth. You can always see everything negative: “It does not work anyway!” “Why should I be lucky?” “It’s not for me!” or you can view it positively: “I can,” “I’m happy and deserve to be happy,” “I can achieve anything.”

To find your niche, you have to come from the general to the special.
The special is defined by the needs of the market. If you find the needs then break it further down to the needs of your customers. Now you not only find your specific niche, but also the core of your product or your service.

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