Why is peace connected with love

We’re right there at the time of changes – the time of consciousness expansion. This is the time  of love. We must learn again to live in communities. And I am addressing to all singles, to be open to the partner whom they can give  their unconditional love. We should move away from talking about my husband or my wife. As who wants to own love, will never obtain love.
Usually two people meet who do not love themselves. You expect love from the partner. How can this work if both partners are in expectations and  have nothing to give?
Begin with loving  yourself. Tell yourself each morning and evening looking in the mirror “I love you , your name, and I wish you a wonderful day / one good night.” Smile at yourself with love. Repeat it and make it a ritual, even if it is initially difficult. Treat yourself nicely and you will be able to give as well as receive. But forget about expecting LOVE. Be aware about your picture of love !

You are lovable and why are we told not love ourselves? Your aura will change. Because if we learn to love ourselves, we can stop all the love dramas, as we then we are able to love unconditionally, without  any expectations.

Between love and possession is a huge difference. By the misguided love image we have created a global battlefield – both inside and outside.
Only with a changed image of love peace can grow. Help to create more peace!

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