Life is Love where is yours?

We are used to identify ourselves by things we are not: our physical shape (obsession with appearance), and our work (fixation on activity), our relation to others (fixation on status), our material possessions (fixing the surface of life ).

We are not the accidents of fate, but energy of consciousness.

Just as we are not the sum of our memories of our relationship. These factors are indeed closer to the truth, because they include a human dimension, a unique profile, which needs to be aware of other people when they say that they “know” us.

Who are you? What is your purpose of life? Are you currently doing what you always wanted to do? Or are you just in a profession because somebody told you to go for that? Are you just doing a job because of money?

Whenever we do things which are not our true self, things go wrong. You become sick, get stuck in the rat race and lose your beloved people around you, because you cannot see them anymore. And the time you spend together has no quality.

Life is Love and Love is Life

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