Success in a time of changes

Now is the time for all of us to become free of the fear that has kept us from joy, from creativity, from peace, from the courage to be honest. It is time to do the inspired thing, which is to live our life’s purpose. ~ Joseph Bailey

We live in a time of crisis and a lot of people ask:  “Where are we going to?”

Not so simple to answer as politicians, society, church and economy do not have real good answers. There answers are based on old systems. Right now the old systems are falling apart.

We have old questions and need new answers. There are people who got the answers.

Times of crisis are always times of opportunities. Where are your opportunities? Sometimes right before our eyes, but we do not see the opportunity because we look in the past when we try to stabilize a situation which is ready to collapse, or hold on to a job, relationship etc. which are fragile and disastrous. We become sick or fall into a burn-out or depression.

We are in a time of transformation and we all need to change our viewpoints. There is nothing wrong that old systems fall apart as we cannot continue as we have done the last 40 – 60 years. We have exploited the earth and ourselves. We have lost respect and love. We can make a U-turn.

I can assure you that there is always another door that opens when one is closing. Losing a job or your business, does not mean you are a loser. Take your act together, learn out of the situation and move on. Make up your mind what you want to do next. Where do your eyes start to sparkle? That could be your profession. Find a niche but never ever give up!

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3 Comments on “Success in a time of changes”

  1. jcmcl812 Says:

    Well done indeed. I hope you have no trouble finding readers. We all need inspiration and encouragement. Too many are absolutely silent.

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